one more time…

Okay, so tomorrow morning I leave for another trip, but this one is…wait for it…FUN! I’m going to New York to see my agent and editor and some publishing friends, visit with my BFF from high school AND do some holiday shopping. And perhaps buy something for myself. (I know, I know, this is the season for OTHERS. But let’s be real. It’s New York and I need a new purse. Just being honest here.)

Also, on Wednesday morning, bright and early, I’ll be outside of the Good Morning America studios, getting my morning show geek on. I know a lot of people think this is nuts. They just don’t get my obsession, and that’s okay. I’m not sure I do either. I just know that I always loved GMA, but when I had a newborn who rose before the sun, they became my saving grace, a way of getting through the long, yawning mornings.

Regular readers know I have been lucky enough to visit GMA a few times. My agent is friendly with Juju Chang, who got me in twice for SUPER close access (I met Vanessa Hudgens, hello!). This time, though, I am going to be outside the studio in Times Square with My People, i.e. other GMA fanatics. I will be tweeting and holding a sign. (If you’re on Twitter, FYI, I update there pretty much all day. I’m at @sarahdessen. There are fake Sarah Dessens out there, which blows my mind, but that’s the real one. Promise.) Still not sure what my sign will say. Hopefully I’ll get there early so people will be able to see it. If I do, I’ll have that same early-waking newborn to thank. Because of her, getting up at 5am is No Big Deal these days. Thanks, baby.

Speaking of New York, I do have to say, I love seeing my peeps at Penguin Books For Young Readers, my SUPER fab publishing company. I’ve been with them since my second book and love that all my novels are together on their list in such good hands. Another reason Penguin is awesome is that they really believe in the power of books, reading, and everyone’s right to both. They recently made this GREAT video about just that, featuring some of the biggest names in YA (and I’m on there, too!). You can check it out here.
Yay for Free Speech!!!

All right, I have to go pack. I’m seriously considering bringing my Big Suitcase so that I can shop as much as I want without worries about being able to zip up my luggage. Is it bad to bring the bag you usually take for a week plus for only two days? It is? Oh, well….

Have a great week, everyone!