The Five!

1. Okay, so it’s nine days until Christmas and I am finally feeling holiday spirit stirrings. Mostly this is because my kid had her preschool holiday program this morning. If the sight of a bunch of 3-4 year olds wearing homemade Santa hats and singing “Frosty the Snowman” doesn’t make you feel the spirit, you are made of STONE. Plus, there were cookies and punch afterwards. What a great day. But I still need that extra push of Holiday Happies, so I WILL be watching Love, Actually this weekend. It’s tradition! I have watched my DVD of this movie so much it literally is about to poop out on me. I just hope it can last one more year. Say it with me: “I hate Uncle Jamie!” and “And he’s got a big k**b!” and “Not so secret as we hoped.” It’s working already!

2. Another reason for good cheer is that earlier this week, I had my annual mammogram. (Ah, the joys of being 40+, right?) It was routine, get smooshed, endure slight but necessary discomfort, move on. But then yesterday, I got a call from the doctor. There was something they wanted to take another look at so I needed to come in as soon as I could for more images. Of course, I totally panicked. It is just My Way. I tried to distract myself with finger painting and preschool pageants and Top Chef episodes, but I was nervous. This afternoon, I was back at the hospital, getting smooshed again. Then, I had to wait in this little room. I flipped through three magazines (cannot remember a single article I read in any of them). Finally this VERY nice doctor sticks his head in. “Everything’s good!” he says, and I almost burst into tears. “You are my favorite person today!” I told him, and he just smiled and said, “Happy Holidays.” Oh, man. I don’t think I need Love, Actually—or anything else—after all.

3. Have I mentioned that my goal is to learn the Fresh Beat “It was a Great Day” Dance before the new year as a surprise for my daughter? NO? Well, that’s probably because it’s a really embarrassing thing to aspire to. But there it is. I found this video on YouTube and I just need to carve out some time to watch it, repeatedly. Want to do it too? Here it is. Also: I’m kind of fascinated with the woman who made this video. Who is she? And how did she get her kid to be so quiet while she demonstrated? These are the things I am thinking instead of actually learning the dance. Which is probably why I don’t know it yet….

4. It is 4:24 and practically dark outside. People, this is serious. Thank GOODNESS December 21st is so soon and then finally the days will start inching back longer again. It’s dark when I go to bed, dark when I wake up (my kid, the perennial early riser) and then dark before dinner. THE DARKNESS IS UPON US. The only cure is a raging fireplace and/or a slideshow of beach and summer pictures. Just so you know. Or, you could learn the Fresh Beat Dance. Up to you.

5. Finally, we’re doing a CD swap with friends for the holiday, and you know what that means: I’m nervous. Mostly because some of these friends are serious Owen Armstrong types. Which is to say, they KNOW their stuff and feel super passionate about all music. (Courtney: you know who I am talking about!) I know that their CDs will be filled with all the coolest new stuff I have never heard of yet, bands so hip they’re like, not even formed. In the past this kind of pressure has led me to try to compete with equally cool/hip stuff, but this year, I am taking a different tack. I plan to go ALL OUT with the stuff I really love, opinions be damned. So there will be the Glee Adele mashup,”Bedtime Lullaby” from Yo Gabba Gabba. I might even throw on some Dan Fogelberg or Barry Manilow. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. This is another great thing about being 40+. You just don’t really care anymore. And that, I think, is the best gift of all.

Have a great weekend, everyone!