Ho, Ho, HO!

It’s three days before Christmas, and about seventy degrees out. But still! The holiday spirit is finally making itself felt. Although this happy/merry thing MAY be a result of all the baking and eating of cookies I’ve been doing. Twice in the last week, I have been up before sunrise, making sweets with my early-riser daughter. This is something I can honestly say I did NOT do before being a parent. And I was always up early. But Rice Krispie treats at 6:15am is something everyone should do, at least once. That is what I am telling myself, anyway.

Tonight, we’re headed over to see friends for the Christmas party where we are all going to swap CDs instead of gifts. The challenge was simple: make a playlist of your favorite music. Of course, because I am Ms. Details (actually that’s not my real married name, but you get the idea) I was like, “Wait, is this our favorite music of ALL TIME? Or just currently? Or is it holiday music?” I cannot get any kind of Best Of list-making directive without going all High Fidelity. Then I had to obsess for days over my choices. My husband, of course, sat down and put his together in about five minutes. No qualms, no second guessing. This is but one reason we get along so well, I think. You can only have one obsessive in a marriage. Otherwise, it just gets really neurotic and crowded.

Anyway. For those of you who MIGHT be interested (and because I did spend so long obsessing) here is what I came up with. I would probably have edited it, but once the CDs were burned, I had to stick. Unless I have time to burn some more. Which I might, but….no. This is it:

1. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, Glee Cast
It’s Glee AND Adele songs. I mean, come on.

2. Free Girl Now, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
If you are sick of someone/something, this is a great theme song.

3. Rewrite, Paul Simon
Simon’s entire new album is great, but as a writer, am partial to this song.

4. Shake it Out, Florence and the Machine
I should be so sick of this song by now. I am not. I cannot stop listening to it.

5. Johnsburg, Illinois, Tom Waits
A song that is only about a minute and a half long, and every second lovely.

6. Ben Lee, Ben Lee
I love Ben Lee for so many reasons. Who else channels their self-loathing into song?

7. Walk, Foo Fighters
This is another great one for when you need some courage, gumption or just to RUN on the treadmill.

8. A Little Bit of Everything, Dawes
I only heard this song recently, but it just kind of tugged at me. Don’t you love that?

9. Best Love, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Paul McCartney
Steve Martin playing the banjo, Paul McCartney singing. Enough said.

10: Clementine, Sarah Jaffe
It is my daughter’s middle name, after all.

11. 9 Volt Heart, The Iguanas
I have my James McMurtry Pandora station to thank for this one.

12. Bedtime Lullaby, Mark Kozelek
From Yo Gabba Gabba, this is guaranteed to put all sleep deprived parents RIGHT down.

13. The Fear, Lily Allen
Honest and brash and true.

14. Straight Tequila Night, John Anderson
For the rest of my life, whenever I hear the opening chords of this song, I am RIGHT back at the Flying Burrito, tying on my apron, making sure I have some pens, and getting ready for the shift to start. It was the first song on our most-played mix tape.

15. We’re All In This Together, Ben Lee
Because one Ben Lee song is never enough.

16. Peace, Weezer
All good lists, and years, should end with Peace. Don’t you think?

Anyway, that’s mine. For contrast, consider my husband’s list, which is most Joe Strummer side projects and The Devil Makes Three. Variety makes a marriage, just like obsessing and NOT obsessing.

I wish all of YOU a happy, happy holiday. Eat cookies, sleep, hug the ones you love. Peace.

Have a great evening, everyone!