The Five!

1. I am having one of those days where my brain just has WAY too much to process, and so is processing nothing. I keep calling things the wrong names and losing my keys, that sort of thing. Plus, today I was the Friday Speaker at my daughter’s preschool, which is a Big Deal (at least around those parts). I was feeling the pressure. Other parents have done presentations about various cultures, or talked about their exciting jobs as doctors or fireman. I do think my job is exciting…just not to watch. Especially if you are four. So I brought one of my books to show them my picture on the back and said that I write books for bigger kids, then read three of our favorite picture books. (Which were, incidentally: SAY HELLO TO ZORRO! by Carter Goodrich, LLAMA LLAMA HOME WITH MAMA by Anna Dewdney and HIPPOS GO BERSERK by Sandra Boynton. Tough to pick just three!) Go figure that I can speak at BEA and in front of hundreds at book signings and still be nervous doing it before my kid’s classmates and teachers. But I think it went okay. Still, relieved to be done. WHEW!

2. Finally, FINALLY, new shows are coming back. I know it makes me sound shallow but I need something, anything to get me through these dreary winter months. (I have also been looking at beach house rentals, which is my other way of coping. If I can’t have summer, I can plan for it.) Last night was a new 30 Rock, which I didn’t even  REALIZE how much I’d missed. I love, love Tina Fey. I just want to, like, be her BFF and talk about parenting with her. Also there was a new Office, which is always a great thing. Now I just need ABC to finally bring back Cougar Town—the great show with the awful name—and I’ll be relatively sure I can make it to March. I know, I know, it’s TV. But you do what you have to do in January.

3. The other thing I’m doing to hang in there is reading, and lots of it. Right now I am LOVING Elissa Schappell’s BLUEPRINTS FOR BUILDING BETTER GIRLS, and I have on deck both John Green and Megan McCafferty’s newest. On my iPad,  I’m looking forward to FAITH by Jennifer Haigh (recommended by the fab Jennifer Weiner, who always picks great reads, I keep a list) and re-reading Sara Zarr’s STORY OF A GIRL, which I loved the first time around, years ago. Then, on audio, I just finished Mindy Kaling’s IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME (AND OTHER CONCERNS) which was great and honestly, JUST what I needed after eight hours about the Jonestown Massacre, which I’d listened to before it. Now I’m listening to Stephanie Madoff Mack’s book, THE END OF NORMAL. I know, my audiobook selections in particular are, to say the least, diverse. But at least never dull.

4. I am writing this from a shopping center parking lot, which MIGHT seem odd but is actually sort of nice. These days, now that I’m back to writing (yay!) I’ve had less and less time for blogging and all the other social networking stuff, so I cram it in when I can, where I can. Which is often in parking lots, for some reason. I have to say, though, one of my best investments EVER was this little T-Mobile mobile hotspot thingy (that’s not the technical term) I bought a few months back. It’s the size of a small cell phone and I pay something like $25/month for more than enough internet time than I need. I bring my laptop, pull out my hotspot, boot both up and have a secure online connection ANYWHERE. This is not a paid endorsement. I’m just saying because you, too, might want to have a mobile office right outside of CVS or preschool. We have the technology!

5. Finally, I’ve been pretty much MIA from everything other than writing and reading lately, but when I was lucky enough recently to be asked to do an interview by Claire Zulkey to be featured on the WBEZ website (which makes me think of Ira Glass and This American Life, two things I LOVE LOVE LOVE) I jumped at the chance. It’s up today, and you can read it here. And yes, I do talk about television. Not that you’d be surprised, but you have been warned. Thanks, Claire!

Have a good weekend, everyone!