…and I will have to keep this entry short, as we are indulging in my new favorite family tradition: Disney movies before dinner. Tonight, it is Tarzan, which I never saw. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember Disney movies being QUITE so traumatic. I mean, even in the lighter ones there is always a dead parent and a scary villan. Luckily my kid is easily distracted and keeps wandering off during the really worrisome parts. She did, however, just asked me what happened to Tarzan’s parents. I said, “Oh, they went away.” Which is sort of scary too, I guess, but not QUITE so much as being killed, you know, by a jungle cat.

Anyway. Once I am finished with Tarzan and she’s in bed, I get to watch one of my FAVORITE guilty pleasures, The Golden Globe Awards. There’s glamour! Fashion! Tipsy speeches! Does it matter that I have not seen hardly ANY movies this year? No, because they also do TV at the Globes. I WILL watch in my pajamas, pretending I am in an evening gown. As I say every entry lately: you do what you have to, in January.

Finally, today we visited my parents again, and again were sent home with a variety of items. My parents are moving from the house I grew up in this spring, so every trip over is like a fire sale/game show: I leave with parting gifts. The other day, it was this totally antiquated juicer that was passed down by my grandmother. Forget modern day appliances. LOOK at this thing:

Breakfast expediter or implement of torture? You decide.

Today, though, I left with something a bit less painful. At least in some ways. Among his papers, my father found a bound copy of my Creative Writing Honors Thesis from my senior year at UNC. Also known as the first novel I ever attempted to write. It is, in a word, terrible. I think I eventually finished it (note it says “novel in progress”) but I have no idea how it ended. It currently resides with all my OTHER books that didn’t work, in my closet and on backups. Oh, well. It’s still kind of fun to see. Not sure if I can bring myself to read it, however. Maybe after I make some juice.

Have a good night, everyone!