The Five!

1. Yesterday, I knocked off writing early to go outside and hang with my kid in the VERY unseasonable warm weather. She spotted a patch of clover in our garden and I suggested we look for four-leaf ones. Now, let me just say, I have NEVER before, in my memory, found a four-leaf clover. And I’m pretty sure I’d remember if I did, as I am a very superstitious, luck-believing (and needing) person. So I wasn’t super hopeful. But then: 

There it was. CRAZY! And even nuttier: I found TWO MORE in the same patch. I was so pumped. Meanwhile, my kid, not understanding how exciting this is, had moved onto throwing rocks. I took all three inside, pressed them in a book, and intend to keep them always. I mean, who knows when I’ll find another one?

2. For the past two nights, sleep has been hard to come by. I hate when that happens. Mostly because sleeping is one of my favorite things in the WORLD. Also, I become crazy when sleep deprived. Look no further than when my daughter was an infant and I was getting only 1-2 hour stretches a couple of times a night. First, I was forgetful. Then loopy. Then emotional. Then I REALLY lost it. My husband, to his credit, saw it coming. When we met with our post-partum doula while I was pregnant, she asked him what his greatest concern was about the baby coming. Without hesitation, he replied, “I’m afraid Sarah won’t get enough sleep and go crazy.” Done and done! Knowing this about myself justifies various remedies, like power napping. And sometimes crawling BACK into bed once someone else is up to hang with my early-riser daughter. Seriously, though: for the last two days, I’ve been wearing makeup. I NEVER wear makeup on regular, non-writer-stuff days UNLESS I have such dark circles under my eyes that I look haunted. So now, at least to me, I look like I’m ready for a pageant or something. There’s got to be a middle ground, someplace. Also: yaaaaawn.

3. Here’s another thing that won’t make you feel good: ripping the back of your pants. I don’t care how big or small you are, when this happens, it’s embarrassing. Especially when you notice it around dinnertime, as I did last night, and then are left to ponder WHEN, exactly, it happened and who saw you walking around with your underwear showing. Yikes. My daughter thought his was hilarious. My husband gave his standard response, “Damn, wide load!” (Which he will say to anyone who splits their pants, whether they are big, small or whatever.) Suffice to say, not my proudest moment. Thank goodness I’d just found that four leaf clover.

4. I have written here before about how much I LOVE This American Life, the radio show from WBEZ Chicago. It is my favorite podcast AND my favorite app, and kept me company during a lot of lonely book tour time. Me and Ira Glass: we’re like, BFFs. Who don’t really know each other. Anyway, today I was  at the gym, listening to an older show on my iPod while doing the weight machines. (Side note: I began doing this again when I noticed I was getting that wobbly-wiggly-tricep-shaking-when-you-wave-thing. No can do!) Anyway, so I’m listening, headphones on, and the guy talking is telling a story about a crazy crush he had years ago, and he says, “I was just  a steaming, hot pot of crazy,” and I literally busted out laughing, right there on the tricep press. Ha! If you haven’t ever listened, go do so for free on their website. It will make you laugh, think, cry. Sometimes all three in the same hour. Just try not to scare anyone lifting heavy things with your outburst.

5. Finally, this has been one of those weeks where I’ve had to be very grownup-y. (Yes, I know that’s not a word. Did I mention I’m tired?) I won’t go into detail but I’ve had some work stress and job things to deal with that were not fun, and that’s WITHOUT ripping my pants and wearing concealer in broad daylight. My first reaction, always, when this happens, is to regress. All I want to do is crawl into bed, eat potato chips, and sulk. Which is a little bit harder to do now that I have to, like, take care of another person. Still: tempting. More and more I realize that being an adult, at least for me, is not a constant state of being. Instead, it comes in waves and bursts, which I need to learn to ride better and utilize, because the next minute I’m bursting out laughing when someone says, “steaming hot pot of crazy.” (Tee-HEE!) I always thought that by this point in my life I’d feel like an adult 24/7. Not so. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. As a writer of YA, it’s helpful to be able to tap back into that younger state of mind. Not so much when I need to put my big girl pants on and make myself heard when someone’s not listening. Again, I guess it’s waves. Better than never at all, I suppose. And who wants to be a grownup ALL the time, anyway? Whatever. I’m going to eat potato chips now.

Have a good weekend, everyone!