The Five!

1. Okay, I know. I’ve been seriously gone from this blog for…well, a long time. The truth is, I’ve been in serious writing mode for the first time in, like, a year. Which is GREAT, except if you happen to be this blog, in which case you are hopelessly and totally neglected. I think I have said here before how I’ve never been able to write well WHILE promoting a book. It’s like my brain just can’t handle both at the same time. So once I was done with The Book Tour That Never Ends (But Finally Did) back in late November, I was terrified I’d never be able to pick up the draft I had going and get back to work. I always think I’ve forgotten how to write if I don’t do it constantly. But, after gathering strength through chocolate and fingernail biting, I slowly got back to it and so far, so good. Do I have any idea when the world at large will see this novel? Nope. And that’s just how I like it. No offense, but when I’m writing, I like to keep it one big secret, all mine. When I’m ready, though, I promise I’ll tell.

2. In other news, I spent this morning running around town trying to replace my husband’s busted iPhone. He dropped it and cracked the screen MONTHS ago, but was using it anyway, tapping out texts around the shards of glass that were falling out. Finally I started to worry about bleeding and took action. I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, where a real live genius basically told me they could sell me a replacement at a reduced price. Now, I know you CAN order kits online and try to repair them yourself. And I have faith in some of my abilities. But using a tiny little screwdriver to delicately remove phone parts WHILE watching a ten minute YouTube tutorial? Not really one of them. While I was doing all this, we switched phones, which tickled me to no end, because it meant he was going to be stuck with my Josh Elliott/GMA screensaver, howling Neko Case “Twist the Knife” custom ringtone AND a pink Kate Spade case I knew he’d be mocked for at the jobsite. In the end, I took pity and changed the case and ringtone. But NOT the GMA shot. Let the plumbers and HVAC guys think he has a thing for Josh Elliott. Don’t we all?

3. The Oscars are this weekend (I think?) (edit: They are NOT! Thanks, everyone, for the clarification. Just shows how truly out of it I really am.) It’s just so depressing to me how little I am invested in the ceremony or movies in general. I used to be SUCH an Oscar person I ran a contest with my students at UNC, making them guess at the major categories and then giving prizes to whoever got the most right. These days, I’m lucky to have seen maybe ONE of the movies nominated (The Help). Now, if we were giving awards for Princess movies or Fresh Beat Band episodes, I’d be golden. Clooney and Streep don’t tend to do those, though. But I will be tuning in, because honestly, basketball, chocolate and awards shows are all that get me through February. And that is one thing that I think will never change.

4. It’s indicative of my issues with blogging that it is now 7:05 and I started this post back at about 11am. Where does the time GO? How did I once blog seven, then five, then three days a week when I can’t even get ONE Five done in a single day? These are the questions I can’t answer right now, as my kid is watching Pinky Dinky Doo and I try to finish this. I either used to be MUCH more productive or….well, I can’t even go there. Maybe I’ll do better next week.

5. Finally, everyone I know is now into Pinterest, from my Twitter friends to my babysitters and everyone in between. They keep telling me I MUST try it, but I am hesitant. I mean, I can’t even get a blog entry done these days (see above). Do I really need something ELSE siphoning off my time? It’s hard enough to get off Twitter long enough to have a life. But I do like the idea of, well, idea boards. Pictures to inspire and organize, as well as give me a sense of control over the chaos of my life. Oh, man. See? I’m already sucked in and I haven’t even GONE there yet! I think I just need more hours in my day. Or a clone. Maybe they have a Pinterest board for that? Please, God, help me NOT to go see as soon as I finish this.


Have a great weekend, everyone!