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I have been SO off of blogging I wasn’t even sure how to begin this entry. Which is CRAZY, considering how often I used to do it. What, you may ask, HAVE you been doing with all your time? Well, there’s been this little matter of raising my kid. Also a first draft of the next book to try and finish. Plus: husband’s business things, brawling with NC Dept of Revenue (don’t ask, will just say do NOT recommend it) coddling my chickens, helping my parents get ready to move for the first time in over thirty years. Also, a lot of Real Housewives to watch.

Somehow, however, I have managed to join Pinterest AND resurrect my Tumblr. So clearly I am still into social networking/procrastination, if not blogging. Look no further than my Twitter (@sarahdessen) which I am on constantly. I’m thinking I may cross post from now on here AND Tumblr, with shorter entries. If I can pull myself away from my chickens and the Housewives.

I am also reading: I swear! Although this week I faced that dilemma of having started a REALLY well reviewed, Literary, Important Book that I just…couldn’t get into. It was nonfiction, a bestseller, with a serious but crucial subject. The kind of book you feel like a moron if you don’t like, because you MUST be shallow. (That’s my internal voice talking: it’s nice, right? Yeah, I don’t really think so either.) Anyway, thanks to support of my Twitter folks, I decided to set it aside, even if it was a failing on my part. It was not the book, it was me. But as my mom is fond of saying, “Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy.”

And you know what? I am SO GLAD I did, because I finally had a chance to pick up John Green’s latest, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Disclaimer: I bought this book back on the day it was published (no joke) but I don’t read YA that much, and not at ALL when I am working on a draft of my own. Too distracting. However, I was finally at a place where I could dive in and I am LOVING it so much. (Please, no spoilers! Please?) I really don’t want to work on my own book at ALL since it is so good (which is kind of unfortunate, as I really do need to knuckle down). Seriously, though, I’d been trudging through this serious book, berating myself for not being more into it. Then I picked up TFIOS, read one page, and was sucked under. Night and Day, people. Related: YA rocks. Yeah, I said it.

(Also: my daughter just ate an entire uncured turkey hot dog wrapped in a piece of whole wheat bread. If you would have told me when I was pregnant this would be cause for celebration—YAY!—I never would have believed it. What a difference four and a half years makes.)

Well, that’s the news from here, what there is of it. Hope YOU are all well.

Have a good night, everyone!