Regular readers of this blog (if you’re still out there, since it’s not exactly regular these days) know that I tend to get sort of fixated on things. And TV shows. And people. What can I say, it’s a sickness. Anyway, this weekend I discovered TWO things I am currently thinking about way too much. The first: my Roomba.

I saw this robot vacuum cleaner at Sam’s Club a couple of weeks back, but was discouraged from my buying it by my husband. (And by discouraged, I mean he laughed at me. Loudly.) I could NOT stop thinking about it, however (that’s the obsession part) so I went back later and bought it. Why? I can’t even tell you. Maybe it’s the Jetsons thing, with robots cleaning for you. Maybe it’s my hatred of vacuuming. But honestly I think I just wanted to see how it worked. So we brought it home, charged it up and set it loose. First thing it did was go UNDER the playroom couch and disappear for, like, a long time. I was worried and about to go in search of it when it EMERGED, triumphant, covered in dust bunnies AND pushing a mini plastic beach ball I last saw over the summer. Wow! It went on to clean our entire house over the weekend, zipping over the hardwoods, going under the couches, trying to mate with our water crock (at least, that’s what it looked like). Is it as good as our standup Electrolux? No. Is it good enough? You bet. Plus, there is the entertainment factor. I mean, you can’t NOT watch it.

The other thing I discovered this weekend was DEMI LOVATO:STAY STRONG, an MTV documentary about the singer’s battle with cutting, eating disorders and other things that led her into treatment. Confession: before, I was always confusing Demi Lovato with Selena Gomez. I’m sorry! I think it was a Disney thing or something. Anyway, I got this on the DVR after reading about it and watched it while I was working out and OH my god it’s so inspiring. Where was a girl/MTV show like this when I was in high school? I was just really touched by her honesty about her problems, her body issues…everything. It reminded me that it is just SO hard to be a teenage girl, whether you are rich and famous or just someone in a small town trying to figure it all out. She’s my new role model, seriously:

Okay, speaking of obsessions, I have to go watch a Princess DVD with my daughter. But BEFORE I do will post THIS link to something I put on my Tumblr today with which I am also obsessed. I give you: My Open Letter to Taylor Kitsch.

Have a good night, everyone!