The Five!

1. Yes, it’s Friday. And it’s GORGEOUS out, around eighty degrees. These things make me happy. But what makes it all even BETTER is that there is SO much basketball on today. Thanks to March Madness, all three of our local NC teams are in play today. NC State already won, my Tarheels play at 4:10 and then Duke is tonight. I literally am giddy because this is the ONE sport in the world I truly adore. Football is too slow for me. Ditto soccer. (It takes SO LONG to make a goal! Man! I’m clearly too impatient for most sports.) Baseball not my thing. I like figure skating but not enough to obsess over it. If watching The Real Housewives was a sport, I’d probably be at a competitive level, but alas, I can’t even justify my love for that show by making watching it seem like exercise. (But I do only watch it while on the treadmill or elliptical, which is kind of the same thing.) Anyway, for the next couple of weekends, I’m going to be in serious basketball heaven. Saying good mojo over my bracket as we speak. Go Heels!

2. Confession: I have not read The Hunger Games. I KNOW! I feel like I am the only person left on the planet. It’s to the point where I didn’t even want to say it here because I KNEW the global outcry over my lameness would be audible from all directions. But there it is. To be honest, I don’t read a whole lot of YA. Secondly, I don’t read a whole lot of dystopian ANYTHING. Thirdly, I have this very short person who demands much of my reading time so I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. I know, all of these are pretty lame excuses. Which is why I am determined to read the book as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. I’m heading out of town for a work/fun trip next week and figure it would be perfect airplane reading. And maybe then I’ll feel like SOME part of the crazy huge movie hype? Maybe? We’ll see.

3. As I said, I’m heading up to New York for work stuff and to visit one of my closest friends who is pregnant with her first baby. Oh, baby stuff. I pretty much burst into tears whenever I even SEE onesies, much less imagine someone I love having a baby to put one in. My kid is not even five but she seems SO BIG right now. I mean, honestly! I guess this is classic dilemma of parents: you spend all your time, energy and heart to make this person grow, grow, but then when they do it kind of breaks your heart at the same time. Sob! Anyway, I am totally loving getting to buy baby stuff and help my friend get everything ready. Although our experiences are very different: I had my daughter here in NC in the country, and she’s doing it in a big, bustling city in an apartment. So of course, dear readers, I come to you to say: if you are a New York mom or dad and have any NYC-specific wisdom to share (about the best parks, tips for travel around the city with an infant or anything else you wish someone had told you) please take a moment to leave a quick comment below. My friend reads this and would so, so appreciate it. And I promise if any of YOU have friends that need tips on, say, the best place to calm a screaming baby at Chapel Hill Whole Foods, I will be totally here for you. Just ask.

4. As always when I go to New York, I have to make the whole decision about how much I am going to geek out about Good Morning America. Regular readers know I am, well, sort of obsessed with Robin, Josh, George and Sam. (What? I hang out with them every morning, we are clearly on a first-name basis.) In the past, the folks at GMA have been super kind to me, inviting me in the studio or making sure I get a good spot to watch outside. But I definitely don’t want to wear out my welcome. Also, next week is Hunger Games Week on the show, so I know there will be huge crowds no matter what. I would LIKE to think I could just watch from my hotel room and call that close, but I have a feeling at least one morning I WILL have to trek over there and stand outside. This time, though, I will not bring a sign. Since I already did that, back in December:

I MAY have to have a Tarheel tattoo on this time, though. Hello, it’s tourney time! Josh Elliott: you have been warned.

5. Finally, an update: I mentioned on my last post that I’m now on Tumblr (authorsarahdessen) and OH my goodness it’s like the worst time suck EVER. And of course I mean that in the best possible way. I think the reason I’ve been so slack on THIS blog is that it takes a fair amount of time and writing energy (neither of which I’ve had in solid supply lately, for various reasons) to put together a good post. But over on Tumblr, I can just put up one thing, or a quick quote, and move on. Also, at any moment, I can look at pictures of Taylor Kitsch or purses with the click of a button. I mean, COME ON. I love this blog so much, but who can compete with Riggins and Kate Spade? Anyway, I think from here forward I’ll be both places, although maybe a bit more over there. Man: all this social networking is time consuming. But again, in the best possible way. Ooh, and now it’s time for basketball!

Have a great weekend, everyone!