The Five!

1. So I’m just back from New York, where I had the BEST time (not to mention the best weather: 80 degrees? In March? What?). Regular readers know I am a total GMA nerd, so of course the first morning I was there I had to go to Times Square and visit the show. It was Hunger Games Week, which meant there were HUGE crowds, even at 6am, an hour before the show began:

I knew that all the Hunger Games stuff was going to make it harder to get in, so my daughter and I made magic bars before I left and packed them up all pretty. And by pretty, I mean in plasticware with a sticker I printed out on my computer:

So there I was, at the window at 6:15 or so. Everyone ELSE was out on the median, where all the Hunger Games stuff was going to go on, but I was just hanging out watching the crew set up for the show. (Don’t get me wrong, I like the Hunger Games. But I LOVE GMA.) At about 6:30, Robin Roberts came out and sat at the desk. I reported this on my Twitter, and a minute later she looked up and pointed at me: a moment later, she tweeted asking if I was the one in the yellow shirt. I WAS! Also the only one holding magic bars with a custom sticker. By this time more people are gathering. Some women beside me asked one of the outside crew folks if they could get in, and were told, “Nobody goes inside.” Uh-oh. I was just losing hope when this nice guy in a suit came out and asked me if I was there I alone. I said I was and he told me to follow him. Cue dirty looks from EVERYONE around me. Sorry! I went. Turned out Robin gave me the go ahead, and I got to watch the show from inside. BONUS! When I got in, I gave her the magic bars, which an assistant quickly spirited away, I figured never to be seen or eaten. Which I got. I mean, you can’t eat things strange people offer you, right? I’ve watched enough Princess movies lately to know that VERY well.

2. So I spent the first part of the show sitting on the ledge watching, totally entranced. What’s fun about GMA is that they always look like they are having a good time, and truly, it didn’t seem like an act. They were totally cutting up and laughing together even during the commercial breaks. And when someone else was doing a segment, they still hung out and chatted. Here’s Josh and Sam when a segment was going on outside:

3. Then there was suddenly this big frenzy outside. People started pressing up against the windows, many with cameras. It was NUTS! Then I saw why: Jennifer Lawrence was coming in. She had a whole group with her, surrounding her: makeup and hair, a publicist, security, a few other people. She looked gorgeous (fierce shoes, I was coveting them) and sort of stunned by all the attention. They hustled her over in a corner away from the windows, which meant she was literally about two feet from me. I was trying to act cool but sort of freaking. I mean here is this girl who is about to be a worldwide superstar standing next to ME, who is there because of magic bars. Yikes! Then Robin Roberts comes over and they have a quick chat, which I totally act like I am not listening to. (I was. Sorry. Could not help it!) Then she’s hustled out front for her interview, and the crowd goes wild. I WISH I’d had the nerve to snap a pic inside but her publicist was kind of scary. So this is the best I could do:

I know, you can’t even tell it’s her. But I swear it is!

4. Then Jennifer Lawrence was whisked away, still looking overwhelmed—I felt kind of bad for her, is that weird? I think it probably is—and Emeril went outside for his segment. I watched the rest of the show with the crew, who were so funny and nice. I even made Twitter friends with one the cameramen. I know you are not surprised. And then the show was over. When Robin came back in, I thanked her PROFUSELY for letting me in and asked if I could grab a picture. She said, “Sure! Let’s do it at the desk! You can sit in George’s chair.” OH MY GOD. I didn’t believe she was serious. I still don’t. But I have proof:

Then I got a big hug from Josh Elliott, said goodbye and thank you to everyone again, and stepped out into Times Square. Where I promptly texted every single person I know that picture.

5. Then I went on with my day and my trip. There was some book stuff, some fun stuff, lots of walking and pizza and people watching. And one trip to the Disney Store that left me feeling like I had PTSD, but that’s another blog entry. It was later that same day, though,when I was meeting me editor for lunch, that I checked my Twitter. And there, on my feed, was a tweet to me from Robin Roberts about…my magic bars!!! Holy crap. Plus she included a picture of her, Josh and Dan Harris eating them. Look!

I swear I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that my kid and I can make magic bars in our kitchen here in NC, then have them eaten by morning news anchors the next day.The world is crazy sometimes. In all the best ways.

And now I am home, for Tarheel basketball tonight (oh man am I nervous) and serious girl time with my kid. New York was great but I’m happy to be hearing chickens outside instead of sirens. Plus, there are more magic bars in the fridge. Hello, Friday!

Have a good weekend, everyone!