Feeling. A little bit. Overwhelmed.

(Can you even be a LITTLE bit overwhelmed? It seems if you are, it’s all the way. No gray area there. It’s like being a little bit nauseous, or something. But I digress.)

Some days I feel really on top of things, like I’m cooking along getting everything done check check check. Other days, like this one, it seems no matter how many emails I answer, sentences I edit, papers I grade or times I take the dogs out (and out, and out, and out) I can’t get to a good point where I can sit back and say Ahhhhhh. Done.

I *hate* that feeling. But then again, maybe life just isn’t meant to be tied up in little happy packages. Maybe I should, oh I don’t know, learn to “go with the flow.” (Everyone who has told me this in my life—-a vast group—is now rolling their eyes, with a yeah-right expression on their face.)

All I know is it’s almost 5pm and I still haven’t done half the things I planned to today. Does time go faster as you get older, or something? Remember when the summer lasted forever? When the five minutes before the last period of school dragged on in a way that defied physics? I need a little bit of THAT time.

Okay, enough venting. Forgive me. I’ll be going and flowing now……