The Friday Five!

1. Yesterday was Teen Lit Day, which is one of my FAVORITE days because it is also Rock the Drop. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s something that Readergirlz came up with a few years ago. The idea is that you take YA books and leave them around your town for people to find and enjoy. So I picked a few of my own paperbacks, printed out the Rock The Drop bookplates, and headed out into Chapel Hill. First stop was a bus shelter where I always see a TON of UNC students:

Then I headed to my satellite office (also known as Whole Foods) and dropped one in the cafe:

After that, it was off to Carrburritos, home of the BEST burrito in the world (in my humble opinion), where I dropped a book by the brownie display (and ordered a regular chicken with pinto beans for myself)

Then, it was time for the last and most SUPER STEALTH drop. I drove over to my high school, parked out front, and then RAN up and dropped a book in the very place where I used to wait for rides after school:

Then I drove away VERY fast, feeling like I’d gotten away with something. Yeah, I’m all about the risk taking. It’s how I roll.

2. Today I literally looked at my daughter’s hair and thought, “I’m out. I can’t do anything!” People: it was so wild. Like a big, curly halo over her head, with these messy, tangled corkscrews in the back. If you brush it, it gets huge, like Albert Einstein. If you DON’T brush it, it looks like a weird, crazy mullet: straight and in her eyes in the front, wild and Shirley Temple-esque in the back. Add in the fact that she will NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES even entertain the thought of a barrette, headband or ponytail, and I’m at the end of my rope. I know, I know, I shouldn’t care. Just like I shouldn’t have cared earlier this week when my husband dressed her in three different striped things, all different colors, and I bribed her with Pez (bad! Mama!) to put on a solid pair of pants. She’s a kid, she’s supposed to be wild and herself. But. But. My saving grace today, however, was the preschool calendar. I glanced at it as she was leaving (with her wild hair going in all directions) and…it’s CRAZY HAIR DAY! Done and done. Sigh.

3. On the reading front, I’m currently doing three books at once, as is my way. (Multitasking: that’s me, in all levels of my life. Is it a good thing? Jury is still out. But it is what it is.) First up is MR. FOX by Helen Oyeyemi, which is a book I was given by my Canadian publicist when I was in Toronto in the fall. This book should SO not be my cup of tea. It’s really surreal and I don’t exactly know what’s going on, plus I think I MAY just not be smart enough to understand it. But I cannot stop reading. Which I think, actually, is the highest compliment you can pay any book. If I figure it out before I finish, I’ll be so proud. Over on the iPad, I’m reading my second selection from the unofficial Jennifer Weiner book club (which is to say, books she has recommended over on Twitter) HEFT by Liz Moore, which I just started but already love. On audio, I finished Kristen Johnston’s GUTS (which was great) and have now moved onto Jeannette Winterson’s WHY BE HAPPY WHEN YOU COULD BE NORMAL? (A question I ask myself daily. But I digress.) I know there’s been a lot of news about e-books lately, and I do love being able to carry a book in my purse without the bulk. But as I have said before, I love the feel of a REAL book, folding back the cover (yes, I do that) folding down pages (ditto), and seeing them on my shelf. I’m a multi-tasking multi-platform reader, I guess. Say that five times fast!

4. Another parenting lesson I have YET to really learn: only telling my kid about upcoming events on a Need To Know basis. Which is to say, about an hour before they are happening. I have NOT done this lately, which is leading to all kinds of relentless questioning and a lack of sleep all around. Take Easter. I waited until the day before, then let her know it was coming up. She was so pumped she slept NOT AT ALL the night before, didn’t nap that day and had a Peep and Pez fueled meltdown by 5pm. Fun! Did I learn, though? No, I did not. In fact, yesterday, I mentioned we were going to the beach in “a few weeks.” IDIOT! Now she’s already pulling out her suitcase and asking how long, how long, how long, as well as planning out what she’s going to do the day we leave. Which will most likely be insisting on getting in the car at 6am and then asking me repeatedly when we are going. Oh, man. Give me strength. Or sense. Or both.

5. Finally, over in the coop, our hen Pretty Chicken (named by my daughter, not that you couldn’t guess) has been sitting on her eggs for almost 21 days. Which means that soon, we’ll find out if we have chicks or not. I think I’ve written here before about how impressed I am with what she’s gone through to do this. First, she sat on the eggs in the communal coop, where the other chickens (for whatever reason) bullied her, nipped at her AND pooped on her head. And you thought pregnancy was tough! (Or, I did.) Finally my husband moved her over to her own little coop in the shed, where she has literally sat on the eggs CONSTANTLY ever since, getting up only a couple of times to eat and drink. Whenever we go peek in at her, she’s huddled down, and shoots me a suspicious BACK OFF LADY look before I retreat. Mama is serious. And I am just hoping, HOPING it’s all for something. We’ve been careful not to talk about it too much with my kid, because of the whole Circle of Life thing, and even if we DO get chicks some might not survive. But with all the talk in the news today about the Mommy Wars—and I hate that we war with each other at all, it’s hard enough being a parent—it’s kind of nice to see it all boiled down to the hard work, dedication and patience that is really what it’s all about. Need a life lesson, look to the coop, I guess. And stay tuned….

Have a good weekend, everyone!