It’s spring break. Woo-hoooooo!

Okay. So I’m not really doing Spring Break, per se. I’m a little old and tired for the whole Daytona Beach, wet T-shirt, jello shots kind of thing. (In fact, I think I was too old for that even when I was in college.) Instead, spring break now is about Getting Things Done. Working on my To Do list. Going to the Dentist. Using Extraneous Capital Letters. And so forth.

I’m thinking that the only way I’ll ever carve out time to really relax will be when I mark it in specifically on my Palm Pilot, right between paying the VISA bill and giving the dogs their heartworm pills. And how sad is that? What happened to lolling around on the couch eating stale potato chips? Or driving with no destination in mind? Nowadays if I have five free seconds I feel like I should be checking my email or trying to get one, decent, paragraph written.

I know, I know. Cry me a river. Get off the cross, someone needs the wood, blah blah blah. I’m lucky to be busy, I guess—boredom has never suited me. (I was an original multitasker, back when it was called having a Short Attention Span.)

So maybe, for Spring Break, I’ll just get caught up. And that will make me feel as good as, well, a jello shot and a wet T-shirt. Okay, maybe not. But it might be as nice as stale potato chips. And that ain’t bad….