I ask, you answer…

…and the blog gets so much love! I was so wrong to think that just because I was a bit burned out on it (harsh, but true) that you were as well. I got verklempt reading all the comments from people who have been reading this blog from the VERY beginning, twelve years and counting. Whoa.

The upshot of the rest of the comments was just what I needed to hear. Twitter is good, Tumblr too, don’t stress about Facebook. Done, done, done. What you MIGHT see here are shorter blog posts, but more of them than just The Friday Five. Or, just that but I WILL keep it going. I owe it to you guys. Clearly.

Thanks again so, so much.

And now, as it is cool and rainy here, I am crawling into bed with a good book—Liz Moore’s HEFT—and possibly taking another nap. It’s not up to me, people. It’s the weather!

Have a good Sunday, everyone!