Everyone loves a bargain. Right?

This summer, in a special edition, my publisher is reissuing Keeping the Moon and Someone Like You in one volume. I think it’s one of those flip over dealies, where you read one book and then going the other way is the other one. (Can you tell I’m tired? That sentence was downright pathetic. Sorry about that.) All for the rock-bottom price of $5.99 (at least on barnesandnoble.com, which is the only place currently listing it.) Just so you know.

In other book news, I am working on getting stuff about the new novel up on the site. It’s just complicated because my website people are busy trying to do their own work AND chase around after my year-and-a-half old nephew (no small feat). But keep checking back, and hopefully we’ll have it done sometime soon.

That’s all for now. My break is almost over, so I want to take today and go do something fun. Not sure WHAT yet, but I’m working on it…….