It’s Sunday. It’s raining. Spring Break is almost over. Sigh.

I’m thinking that I might have to add a FAQ page to my website. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous and so self-serving, like anyone really cares that much about me. But in truth I’ve been getting a fair amount of emails from people who are writing reports on my books for school. (For some reason—go figure—they always seem to write the night before said report is due, panicking, asking me to pleasepleaseplease write back ASAP!!!!) I try to write everyone back regardless, but frankly if I answered every question people sent to me I’d never have time to write any more books for them to then, down the road, write about. (Did that make sense? Didn’t think so.)

So. I may add a page where I tackle the Tough Questions that seem to pop up fairly often. Such as, where do I get my ideas? (A variety of places, but most of my stories begin with something that happened to me or someone I know, and I build on it from there.) What kind of student was I in high school? (Well, I’d love to say I was an all-achiever, but frankly I spent a lot of time in the parking lot. Nuff said.) And, the most asked question of all: Will there be a sequel to Someone Like You? (Doubt it, since it would be hard to go back to those same characters and do them justice, but they may pop up in other books, in smaller roles, someday.)

Now it’s just the question of putting the page together. And it’s Sunday. And raining. Again, sigh….

On a happier note, today, while at the grocery store, I was reminded yet again why I love living in the South when the cashier, as she handed me my receipt, said, “Thank you, dollbaby. You take care now.”

Only here do total strangers call you things like that. I wouldn’t tolerate my husband calling me dollbaby, but from a middle aged woman with bleach blond hair at Lowe’s Foods, I’m downright tickled. Wouldn’t you be?