The Friday Five!

1. My husband is going away this weekend, and you know what that means: I’m going to be on Chicken Duty. This is always stressful enough, as I worry endlessly about something happening to them on my watch, but now we have this smaller chickens to deal with as well. There are electric fences to get over (I get shocked EVERY SINGLE TIME I SWEAR TO YOU) feed to distribute, eggs to collect. Not to mention keeping an eye out for roving, loose dogs. Oh, and I also have to take care of my kid. And my husband has already ordered MORE chicks to come next week, and he is still talking about getting a goat. I am no Half Pint, people. I can only take so much of this! Anyway, wish me luck…

2. This week, I was introduced to a relatively new phenomenon (to me, anyway): the spray tan. I think I’ve written here about how I have already had to have one skin cancer removed, and although I LOVE the beach, I always wear a hat AND SPF 100 or so, reapplying constantly. (My dad has also had a lot of skin cancer: I learned early not to mess with the UVB rays.) I’ve done self tanner lotion, after checking with my dermatologist that it was okay, but the spray tan always made me a bit wary. I kept thinking of that episode of Friends where Ross got so dark he was scaring people. (Am I the only one who has a Friends reference for, like, EVERYTHING? I doubt it.) Anyway, the other day one of my sitters showed up having JUST gotten a spray tan. At first, she was barely brown. But as the hours passed, she got darker and darker, and by the time she left four hours later, she looked like she’d been in the sun—SAFELY—for a few days. I have to admit, I’m intrigued. Enough to do it…well, we’ll see. I mean, I can’t even be confident about my chickens. Not sure I can rock a look like Dancing with the Stars.

3. On the book front, I am about to finish seriously one of the best books I’ve read this year or ever: THE ART OF FIELDING by Chad Harbach. It’s sort of about baseball, but in the way that Friday Night Lights was about football, i.e. you don’t have to like the game to LOVE this story and the characters. I bought it less than a week ago at the beach and do not want it to end. SO GOOD. I love when I can really recommend something. On the audio book front, I listened to Ricki Lake’s NEVER SAY NEVER on the way down and back from the beach, which was loads of fun, especially the dishy stuff about her Hollywood experience and working with John Waters. Now I’m onto MOST TALKATIVE by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, which is seriously hilarious. He is so self deprecating and over the top and I LOVE him even more than I already did (which I wasn’t even sure was possible: I mean, have you SEEN him referee those Housewives reunions?) Impressive all around.

4. My daughter’s preschool had their end of year celebration last night and I’ll admit it: I got a little choked up. There’s just something about seeing your kid with her class, all of them squirming and distracted and ready to bolt as the teachers try to make end of year comments. Wasn’t she JUST a baby? It really feels like it. (And I know I say that a lot, sorry.) Because she has a late birthday for the kindergarten cutoff, we get one more year at this great school before she moves up to the big leagues. Then, I know I will a total sobbing mess. Maybe a spray tan will help.

5. Finally, Donna Summer died this week. Everyone remembers her as the “disco queen,” best known for “Last Dance” and other songs, but for me, a child of the 80’s and early MTV videos, she will always be about “She Works Hard for the Money.” I mean, remember that poor woman waitress who wanted only to be a dancer? Man. If you don’t recall, or were too young, feel free to time trip back with me via this link . It will probably give you a serious earworm for the rest of the day, but we’ll just call that paying our due respects. Be at peace, Donna.

Have a good weekend, everyone!