New and news!

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Okay, so I’m interrupting the holiday weekend because I can FINALLY tell you guys the big news I’ve been having to keep quiet for weeks now. And seriously: I am awful at keeping secrets. It’s, like, torture. Anyway, here it is: all my paperbacks are getting BRAND NEW COVERS! This has been a long process and project, and I’m so grateful I have such awesome people at Penguin who worked so hard to get every one just right. I love my current covers so much, so I knew whatever we changed them out for would have to be SUPER special. And I think they are.

They’re going to be revealed one by one, via different awesome book blogs. First up, today, is THAT SUMMER, over at Mundie Moms: you can check it out here. Also, there’s a giveaway! And you have to love that. It’s required, right?

Okay, I have to get back out to the kiddie pool and slather some more sunscreen on my kid. I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day and remembering those who gave their lives for our country. It’s about a lot more than just summer.

Have a great day, everyone!