Someone Like You

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Okay, so it’s super early. That’s not news, I’m always up early. But today it’s because I’m in NYC and I get to go to GMA and totally fangirl all over the place, which is one of my favorite things ever. Then TONIGHT, Andy Cohen, whose book I just finished listening to on the way to the airport yesterday, is appearing at the Strand Bookstore. And I am HERE! So I could GO! And—oh, my God, so exciting I might not even be able to write about it—what if there are any of the Housewives there? WHAT IF? Okay, I have to stop talking about this now.

The real reason I am blogging this early, however, is that I was traveling yesterday when the reveal for the new cover of SOMEONE LIKE YOU was put up over on the Penguin Teen Tumblr. Look!

I know. SO cute, right? Today there will be the reveal of KEEPING THE MOON, over at Frenetic Reader. I’ll have it up here later as well, if I have not passed out totally from the excitement of too many celebrity sightings.

Have a great day, everyone!