More New Covers!

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Okay, so this trip to New York has been SUCH a whirlwind. I think I actually burned every calorie I ate from all the walking. Whew! I’m writing this from the airport, where I’m about to head home. HOME. I can’t wait! Love the city, but I am, at heart, a country mouse. Or chicken. Or whatever.

Anyway, I have TWO more covers to reveal here now. First, KEEPING THE MOON:

I LOVE the fireworks especially. It’s so summer to me!

And then, today, I get to show you one of my VERY favorites of the new ones, for DREAMLAND. I always felt like its current cover was so dark, and even though it’s a dark story—for sure—I felt maybe we could do better to tie it in with the others. I feel like the designers at Penguin knocked it out of the park with this one:

Finally, I HAVE to share this pic from my trip to GMA on Wednesday. I’ll write more of a post about it later–you’ll have to bear with me, it was FREAKING AWESOME ON SO MANY LEVELS—but this pretty much says it all. I brought a copy of the new version of THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER to Robin Roberts, and she and Josh Elliott and Sam Champion all took a look:

I know, I know, we’re supposed to save the cover reveal of that one for next week. But I couldn’t NOT share that. I am only human! Just don’t tell my publisher. *zips lips*

Okay, time to board. Have a great day, everyone!