The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so this week has been a total blur. And now, somehow, it is June. WHAT? Also, we are fast winding down on my 41st year. For whatever reason, 42 seems MUCH older. Of course, it does not help to have my babysitter, who just turned 21, sighing dramatically and saying, “I’m SO OLD.” Puh-leeze. But age is nothing but a number. Even if mine is a lot bigger than hers.

2. I had SO much fun in New York, running around and doing stuff. There was the craziness of my day at GMA (so freaking fun!) which was all thanks to the fabulous Robin Roberts. We’re Twitter friends, and she not only got me on the guest list for the show but also held up the new version of THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER on-air. And then they cut to me! Luckily, I did not know I was going to be on TV, because I probably would have passed out, which is not good television. (If you want to see the clip, check out the previous blog entry.) From now on, I will be worshipping regularly at the Church of Robin. I would hand out flowers at the airport for her! (Okay, if you get THAT reference, you are probably old like me. Or older. ) Regardless: she rocks.

3. What’s also been great about this week has been the cover reveals for my paperbacks. I know, I know, the originals were REALLY good. I felt the same way I know some of you do when I first heard they wanted to change them. I was all, “Hey! It’s not broken! Do not fix!”  But the truth is, those covers were first run in 2003 or 2004: it’s been awhile. And while I do love them so much, I think the new covers pop so much and just look really fresh. I’m thankful, as always, for the great design team at Penguin (Hi Linda and Theresa!) who work so hard to make my books look so good. They rock. And here’s the latest one, for THIS LULLABY:

4. Thanks to the wonder of technology, I am writing this blog post on my iPad, via a wireless keyboard, in the parking lot of my satellite office, aka Whole Foods. Which is just crazy to me. Even crazier was that yesterday, on the flight home, I finally gave in and paid for in-flight internet. Ten dollars and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I think I have written here before about how I am a nervous flyer. I used to have stomachaches for the weeks leading up to any flight, then be freaked in air, followed by more stomachaches wherever I’d traveled to because I knew I had to fly back home. Having wine helped, but then I was usually loopy when I got wherever I was headed, which is not a good thing on book tour. Finally my doctor gave me some Xanax, which works GREAT, but then I’m really sleepy, also not good on tour. So lately I’ve just been trying to stay distracted. Enter the internet. That flight went by SO FAST! And I wasn’t even tired or loopy! Plus I got a bunch of stuff done. Wins all around. Except for the ten bucks part. But it’s better than stumbling off the plane, like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. (Which regular readers will know is sort of what happened to me when I flew to ALA last year. Luckily, Jay Asher came to my rescue!)

5. Finally, the true highlight of my trip to NYC was getting to meet the baby my best friend from high school, Bianca, had three weeks ago. It’s her first, a little girl, and she is SO GORGEOUS. I’d forgotten how little they are at that age. She fit easily in my arm, from elbow to hand, all damp, sweet baby-ness, hands and feet moving around, big blue eyes wide open, right on me. You can get down about so much in the world today, but a new life—so brand new—never ceases to blow me away. So pure and true and…well, you have to love a beginning. Especially when, at 42, you’re nearing what you only hope is the middle. I got to rock her to sleep twice and hold her while she dreamed. Was proud I still had that skillset: although, since she’s not super fussy like mine was, I didn’t even need to use The Elevator move I mentioned in Along for The Ride. Nice to have it just in case, though.

Okay, now MY baby is tugging at my arm. Time for cookies.

Have a good weekend, everyone!