New Just Listen cover!

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The backlist cover reveals continue, today with Just Listen, over at Princess Bookie. Check it out!

Thanks for all the kind words about the new covers. I know that some of you preferred the old ones, and I hear you: I loved them as well. But change is good, even if there are a few growing pains involved along the way. We’ll get used to it together!

Okay, I have to go buy a watch now. Mine broke last week and I swear I keep looking at my bare wrist like it is somehow going to tell the time. I wanted to be all cool and hip and not wear a watch, just use my phone like a lot of people do these days. But I guess I am too old school. Or just too old. My husband said, “Grownups wear watches. Just like grownups have landlines.” (This is one of this cranky-old-man pet peeves, nobody having landlines anymore. I feel like we are the ONLY ones, but oh, well. Old habits die hard. Especially when you are old.)

Yes, I may be a BIT fixated on the age thing today. But I have good reason: tomorrow I turn 42. FORTY-TWO. How the heck did that happen? But as they say, it’s better than the alternative. I’m happy to be here, rocking my watch and landline.

Have a good day, everyone!