New cover for Lock and Key!

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Another June weekday, another cover. One more to go after this one! You can check it out over at Presenting Lenore. I know I’ve said this about, um, all of them, but this one really IS one of my favorites. If I had to pick favorites. Which I honestly cannot. It’s like picking my favorite dog: impossible! Always enough love to go around.

Speaking of love, thanks to EVERYONE for the kind birthday wishes! It’s crazy that I am 42. I am having a GREAT day, most of it spent with my girl. I watched her have her last swim lesson this morning (and choked up, again, at sight of her swimming alone, oh, my goodness) then we went and had a girls-only pizza date for lunch. Plus, it was raining and cool this morning, and now the sun is out, and the sky all blue. Win!

Okay, thanks to my new watch—I went back to Fossil, which had never let me down, unlike the Citizen I bought only a year ago—I know it’s time to get back to work. Revisions, sadly, do not take birthdays off. So neither do I.

Have a great day, everyone!