The Friday Five!

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1. As I write this, my house is in total chaos around me. The drywallers were here yesterday, cutting big holes in the ceiling for our new fixtures, and today our electrician is hauling in ladders and boxes of lights to be installed. Thing is, back when we started this whole thing, I was like, “Wouldn’t it be nice to hire some decorators to help us with maybe some, you know, pillows and a new paint color?” Somehow it has morphed into tearing the entire ceiling apart. How did THAT happen? And that new paint color became, literally, 18 Shades of Gray. Could YOU pick the exact right light and dark from this selection?

If so, you are a better and more patient person than I. Because I look at these and just feel..tired. This is also why I was so bad at wedding planning. Give me too many decisions and I get cranky. Clearly, not cut out for HGTV. But it will look good! Whenever it’s actually done.

2. All the new covers have now been revealed: you can check them out by clicking the HOME page above. I’ve read every comment and while the response has been REALLY positive for the most part, I know that a few of you are not exactly thrilled with the changes. I hear you. But do know that I DID have a great amount of input on these and I really worked hard with the designers to get them just right. Change is hard. Believe me, I know: right now my entire house in in flux, and like I said, I’m cranky about it. But I’m really happy with the new look, and the great thing is that if you already own the books, they’ll still have the old covers. Thanks to everyone for following the reveals and all the kind words. I’m so excited to see them in stores! Soon, soon….

3. Earlier this week, I went to the mall and Nordstrom was having a shoe sale. People: I am only human. So of course I ended up trying on a ton of pairs and leaving with, um, a couple. Today I put on these great Splendid wedges I got and they have made me SO FREAKING TALL:

My husband is unnerved, to say the least, because when I have these on I am about an inch above him. It’s making him nuts and I can’t stop teasing him. I’m all like, “Hey, short stuff!” and “How’s the weather down there?” I know, I know, I won’t be laughing when I twist my ankle. But after almost twelve years of marriage, you have to laugh whenever you can. And I am SO TALL!

4. On the reading front, I’m currently loving Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, which was recommended to me by two of the staffers at my favorite local indie bookstore, Flyleaf Books. (If you ever need a book rec, ask an indie bookseller: they know their stuff and LOVE to talk up the books they’ve enjoyed!) It’s just so different from anything else I’ve read lately and I can’t put it down. On the audio front, the TV geek in me is seriously loving Warren Littlefield’s TOP OF THE ROCK, which is all about the rise of Must-See TV on NBC: Friends, Frasier, ER, etc. All the behind the scenes stuff you never knew, like that Lisa Kudrow was originally Roz on Frasier, but got fired after four days. And that Nancy McKeon, Jo from The Facts of Life, was one of the finalists for the role of Monica on Friends. Crazy, yes? And so compelling. I’m totally nerding out while I drive. In my VERY TALL shoes.

5. Finally, blogging will be a bit sporadic next week as we are heading to the beach. This will be our last week in Emerald Isle, my favorite NC coastal spot, until the fall, and I am so looking forward to just exhaling and looking at the ocean. Of course, I’ll also be still having to work on my next book—revisions don’t take vacations!—but the fact that it’s set in Colby ¬†will make it easier. I’ll feel like I’m there. Which I guess I sort of will be? Speaking of the new book, because people are still asking, it will be out in May 2013 and—I hope I won’t get in trouble for spilling these particular beans, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough—it has had a title change. Which is SO normal, I can’t even tell you. The last book that had my original title was THIS LULLABY: that was six books ago. THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER was THE FOREVER. JUST LISTEN was originally STORY OF MY LIFE. LOCK AND KEY was LOST AND FOUND. ALONG FOR THE RIDE was THE WORLD OF GIRLS. And WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE was CUT AND RUN. I’ve become accustomed to the title being in flux and this one was particularly challenging because we just couldn’t find one that fit exactly right. The original, THE BEST AFTER EVER, I really liked, but I had a feeling everyone would be calling it THE BEST EVER AFTER and I was right: too confusing. Then we batted around about a million other options. I was starting to panic a bit—you need a title, it’s, like, required—but then, on the last beach trip, I fired off an email with about five options and everyone at Penguin INSTANTLY loved one. I love it too. So the new title is—drumroll!— SOMEONE ELSE’S SUMMER. Hopefully I’m allowed to share it with you. If not, this entry will just disappear unexpectedly. Fingers crossed!

Have a good weekend, everyone!