“Focus on the fight, not the Fright.”

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Some of you—okay, everyone who has ever read this blog—know how much I LOVE Robin Roberts. She was part of the GMA family way back in the day when I first started watching, and now she sits front and center, keeping me company in those early morning hours that I see regularly thanks to my early rising daughter. (This is why I love GMA so much, one reason anyway: when my kid was an infant and my husband went to work at 6:30am, they were the only grownups I had in my life until I left the house. They kind of saved me in those teary, exhausted, early-Mommy days. And continue to now, when I’m yawning and crawling to the coffeepot. But I digress.)

If you’ve read this blog lately, you also know that Robin Roberts also not only got me into the GMA studio a couple of weeks back to watch the show live (she put me on the guest list, HELLO! I still can’t believe it) but also held up my book on air and got my (surprised) face on as well.

Simply put, she a rock star and a role model and I can’t say enough great things about her. Which is why, this morning, when she shared that she has a condition called MDS, which was once known as pre-leukemia, I got totally choked up. You can read her statement about it, and see the clip, here. She has to have a bone marrow transplant later this year, but her sister is in place as a donor, which is a really good thing. Still, it’s very scary. And also, unfair, in that way life too often can be. Because Robin is a breast cancer survivor: she recovered with grace and spirit and inspired, well, just about everyone who was along to watch her do so. She should have gotten a Get Out of Jail Free card after that, with no worries in the medical sector. But the universe isn’t always fair that way. In typical fashion, this morning on GMA, she was a badass. “Focus on the fight, not the fright,” she said. “I’m going to beat this.” I can only hope that all of us who have taken strength from HER every day can now give some back in return. I know I’m going to try. It’s the least I can do, after all she’s done for me.

Meanwhile, I’m at the beach right now with my family, celebrating 12 years (!) of marriage and exhaling. It’s nice.

This was my afternoon plan today, and I’m pleased to say it went off without a hitch:

Now, I’m being called for a game of Go Fish. Gotta go!

Have a good day, everyone!