The Friday Five! (in pictures)

1. Okay, so this is a SHORT five and a visual one because I’m still on vacation with my family and my husband says I’ve been on the computer enough already. Which I guess is true. Unplugging is harder than it seems. It seems. Anyway. It’s lovely here:

2. Just as good as the weather (if not better, sometimes, but you need a rainy day now and then so you can go bowling and to the bookstore, right?) is the food. On  Wednesday I indulged one of my biggest cravings and had a shrimpburger from the Big Oak Drive-In, with onion rings. So wonderful.

3. Also good pickings: the shells. I am That Person, the one who brings home entire ziplock bags of shells after each vacation. I love, love picking them up, then storing them in a big glass bowl on my desk to get me through the dark, dim days of February. Thanks to some big storms right when we got here, we’ve had a lot to chose from:

4. Now that I’ve been here almost a week, I’m totally in beach mode. Not wearing my watch or makeup, blow dryer back in suitcase, ignored, basically barefoot unless I absolutely must wear shoes. My daughter shifts into her own mode, but hers is all about The Hair. It goes straight-on Shirley Temple. Love it, but don’t try to brush it. Disaster.

5. Finally: did I mention the FOOD? Just when you get sick of shrimp and fish, there’s Michelangelo’s Pizza and Subs, which offers pretty much the biggest (and best) slice of supreme pizza ever. I ate this for lunch yesterday and was full until…well, I’m actually still full. Worth it, though.

Oops, I think it’s time to go down to the water again. That would be the THIRD time since we got up at 6am. It’s 12:30 now. We pack a lot in a day here! (And at home, actually. Related: I really, really need a nap.)

Have a good weekend, everyone!