The Friday Five!

1. I have this habit of being REALLY late on any trend. It’s like my own trend. Anyway, right now, with the season having already finished, I’m obsessed with the show GIRLS on HBO. Like, someone may have to take away my iPad because I can’t stop watching it on HBOGO obsessed. It’s just SO good and fresh and different and I sort of want to be best friends now with Lena Dunham. She’s brilliant and so open and honest. If you’re like me and late for trends, get on this one. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

2. I am writing this late, while my husband puts my daughter in the bathtub. We just came back from dinner at one of our favorite local places, 411 West (which was, incidentally, the inspiration in many ways for Luna Blu in WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, but I digress). It was one of those hectic Friday night dinners: we’re there early, she’s hungry and bored, alternately bugging me to walk around and wanting to sit on my lap. She acted out so I had to take her back by the pizza ovens and put her in time out, which I will do ANYWHERE at ANYTIME, I have no shame. Sometimes, the sheer effort of parenting just wears me out. I was with her all morning, had a few hours off to write, then back in it until now, when I get a few minutes before starting the bedtime ritual. How can something be so great and so hard, all at the same time? I am still trying to figure it out.

3. Earlier, my husband came back from the coop to report that our main hen, Pretty Chicken, is once again sitting on eggs. We suspected as much when she was the ONLY one not out in the yard when we were throwing food scraps earlier: normally, none of them miss that, not for anything. I feel so bad for Pretty Chicken, because I am TOTALLY codependent. This is her third time sitting on eggs, and so far nothing has come of them. So much work and effort: I just want it to happen, this time! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to sit and nurture and take care and then…nothing. It breaks my heart. (Again: codependent.) Then again, she’s never had to worry about administering a time out by the pizza ovens. Or….will she?

4. In other yard news, my husband has OFFICIALLY declared war on our squirrels. This has been in the works awhile. They ate all our peaches and nectarines, regularly rip up our garbage. But the other day, he was coming home and saw one run across the driveway with a ripe tomato from our garden in its mouth, and he just LOST IT. Oh, boy. Today he bought a pellet gun and he is ready to get serious. Now, my husband loves animals. He used to breed lizards and treats the chickens like children. So this is out of character, but I get it. Raising all this food in the garden is HARD work and half the time the squirrels just take the tomatoes, eat one bite, and then leave it for us to find like a big, rodent F-You. But when he does finally pull out that gun, I will be a bit sad. And taking cover. QUICK!

5. Okay, this last one has to be super fast because I can hear my kid getting toweled off. So I’ll just link to this awesome post I found earlier this week on BuzzFeed, which features 20 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. And if they don’t do that, they MAY at least bring a tear to your eye. It happened to me, anyway.

Whew! Blog done! And just in time, as little damp feet are approaching. Have a good weekend, everyone!