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I’m writing this from my office, while my kid sits behind me watching Charlie and Lola. We’ve decamped over here because the lower level of our house is getting TOTALLY repainted. This after meeting several times with our decorators, gathering about 20 paint samples on foam boards, and some spirited discussion (aka arguments) about how dark we want our darker accent wall to be. Now, though, all that is behind us and the work has begun. Which means EVERYTHING has to be taken out of the living room, dining room and playroom, to be replaced with lots of drop cloths and plastic sheeting. I can’t find anything and feel totally scattered, but such is the price you pay for decor change. Apparently.

My daughter LOVES this, though: for her, it’s like camping and adventure, instead of a big hassle. So I’m trying my best to get over to her way of thinking, arranging lunch picnics on my office floor, holding my tongue as she systematically disrupts and destroys just about everything in my office, which is usually my very own Serene Happy Place. Not this week. Oh, well.

Our other option is to take some day trips to avoid the chaos, which means I MAY finally break down this week and take her to the Disney Store over in Raleigh. For my kid, The Disney Store is like Oz and Neverland all rolled into one. Until a couple of days ago, she didn’t even think they existed outside of New York City. (She also thinks I only go to New York to go to said Disney Store, as if there would be no other good reason.) I know she’ll go totally bananas if we actually get over there. I’m hoping we can both handle it. Stay tuned.

Before all this disruption, on the weekend, we had some friends over for Mexican food and some TV watching. While they were all here, I enlisted them to model the arm wraps I made in solidarity with Robin Roberts, who is having to wear a wrap on GMA to cover the site of her PIC line as she gets treatment leading up to her bone marrow transplant. She’s been rocking some great looks: no plain ace bandage for her. It’s all glittery and fashionable, not that I expected anything less. Anyway, mine are a BIT less polished, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I tweeted the above pic, and she said she really liked it. YAY! Meanwhile, sequins and glitter are now ALL over my house. I am not good at crafting, especially the gluing part. Whoops. Makes the drop cloths look blingy, though!


Have a good day, everyone!