Also from the review department, this nugget about Keeping the Moon, courtesy of Amazon:

This is a perdictable beach reading book. It was highly amusing and I enjoyed myself while reading it, but would I read it again? No. It was the first book in this genra I have read so I can not compare it to anything. I found the main character shallow and anoying. The story line was exsactly as I thought it would be. The saving grace was the scene where the main character and her two friends are dancing to ‘first I was afraid I was petrafied I knew I could not live with out you by may side I spent so many nights alone thinken how you did me wrong and now I strong’

I’ll just let it speak for itself!

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday. I’m feeling the urge to shop, something I’ve managed to quell fairly successfully lately. There’s this Big New Mall that just opened up down the road from here, and it has, you know, everything. I think I need to resist. Mightily. We’ll see if I can do it…….