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Today, I am going shopping. *smile*

Actually, I have a reason for once. I’m supposed to attend this thing for the Literary Festival tonight, and it’s “semi-formal.” I’ve spent the last day or so trying to get a definition of this, with mixed results. My friend Scott, the former frat boy, defined it as “anything but a tux.” Which helped me, well, not much. Best friend Bianca said I could get away with a black skirt and nice sweater, while my students opined I should wear “cocktail attire.” What does THAT mean? In my family, you wear jeans and bare feet to cocktails, and sit out on the deck with a can of, yes, cocktail nuts. I don’t think I can swing that outfit tonight, however.

I guess I’ll end up throwing myself upon the mercy of some poor salesperson at Banana Republic. They’ll know. Right?