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I remember when I was younger and there was always a summer song. You know, one you heard right as school was getting out and then it was just there, on the radio or in your room or whatever, all the way through to August and September. Even now, when I hear some of those songs—and I won’t share what they were, because doing so would make me seem entirely ancient and I’m much too close to a birthday to risk that right now—I’m immediately back to tenth grade, or senior year, at the beach with my girlfriends or just driving around on hot muggy nights with my hand stuck out the window, fingers blowing back in the breeze.

Those were good times. I miss them, every once in a while.

But back to the song. I just bought this Sade CD and track 11 is this awesome live version of her song “By Your Side.” It’s just so great. It made me want to go driving around.

That’s all you really need in summer, right? A song. A tank of gas. Good friends. It’s so simple, really……