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Oooooooh. I have DSL now, here at home. I was just checking my email and the phone rang and I kind of freaked out. So weird.

I’ve been oh-so-productive since hooking it up, too. Saw the preview for the Ya-Ya movie. (Wasn’t crazy about the book, but I’ll go see the movie. I love a good preview.) Plus I’ve added all the sites I have on my office computer, since up until about fifteen minutes ago it wasn’t even worth trying to do anything that needed big downloading here.

So much fun. Who knew?

Meanwhile, this weekend I survived the NC Literary Festival. It was actually really fun, other than the fact that it was so freaking cold I couldn’t even believe it. I sat on a panel about YA fiction. Anyone who has ever heard me speak knows I immediately cop to the fact that other than my own books, I don’t read a lot of the genre. So maybe I wasn’t the best choice. Luckily, the other authors were much more of the expert category. And a few of my students showed up, which was fun. As well as my mother and my aunt. Gotta love that kind of devotion.

I also got a copy of the new book, hot off the presses, in the mail today. That’s always the best feeling, holding it in my hands all done and everything, for the first time. This has been a really good day.

Now, I’m off to look at more fast stuff..any suggestions?