The Friday Five!

1. I cannot believe that I’m starting another blog while reacting to news of a public shooting incident, this time in NYC. I don’t go into politics here, for any number of reasons. But can’t something be done about this? It makes me feel so helpless and sad, and worried for my own daughter and all the things I can’t protect her from. Is it a matter of control? Better diagnosis/early intervention for mental illness? I have no idea, but I’m just a writer: there’s got to be somebody who has put deep thought into this. When I think about it, it just makes me want to cry. Okay, I’ll stop cheering everyone up now.

2. And now I WILL cheer you up, I think, if you need it. This week I discovered two things that have become my go-tos for both procrastination and a good helping of happy. First up: this this tumblr that is nothing but GIFS of shots from Beverly Hills, 90210. I could spend all day looking at just this one. Remember? From when Dylan and Brenda were broken up but he got hurt so came to stay at Casa Walsh and was all pining for her and smoldering from the room next door? I probably don’t have to tell you it was one of my favorites. Or that I had a Luke Perry poster on the bathroom wall. Of the house I shared with my then boyfriend-now husband. When I was in COLLEGE. Oh, man. I can’t believe I just admitted that. Moving on…

3….to the OTHER happy making thing, which has gotten lots of attention this week: The Dog Shaming tumblr. In which people send in pictures of their dogs (and sometimes cats) looking very chastened with an announcement of their crimes. The boxers and Boston terriers are, of course, my favorite. Who knew so many dogs liked to eat underwear and feminine products? See, the internet CAN teach you things. I would have put up a pic of my little wild dog Coco already if I wasn’t having to narrow down her various offenses to the one I think deserves international sharing. There are so many. So, so many….

4. In other news, lots of questions here, via my website and on Twitter about the new book and other upcoming stuff. Here’s what I know: the paperback of WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE will be released on April 9th, 2013. Then my NEW book, THE MOON AND MORE, will be out on June 4. I’m actually going to be heading up to a meeting not too long from now to discuss publicity/tour/other fun stuff with the awesome marketing team at Penguin, so hopefully by the holidays I’ll have some fun details to share. We’re hard at work on a cover as well, which is GORGEOUS and I’ll share it when I get the go ahead. My eleventh book! Whoa. Time flies. I feel like I had that Luke Perry poster up in my bathroom just yesterday, too, though.

5. Another embarrassing confession: I just got totally distracted from this blog writing by the Kate Spade selection on Amazon, which I happened to spot as I looked up my paperback put date. Next thing I know, I’ve lost ten minutes drooling and dreaming over them. This, after I SWORE up and down—having lugged all my purses upstairs while the floors were getting done, then back to my closet—that I would not buy any more. At least until I unloaded a bunch that I had. What is it with me and bags? Purses, totes, cosmetic bags: when it comes to Kate Spade I am WEAK. I know some people are like this with shoes—my husband has running shoes the way Carrie Bradshaw has Manolos, they are everywhere—but I USED to be a one bag every couple of years kind of gal. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older, like the creases in my forehead and how cranky I get when someone snatches my newspaper? I guess it’s like that Luke Perry GIF and the dog shaming pics: you take your happy where you can, especially on days when you’re faced with so much of the opposite. I have a good friend who just does NOT read or watch the news. Like, ever. It’s a gift she’s given herself so she can be happy. But I’m on the internet too much for that, plus I’d have to give up GMA, which gives me a BIG dose of happy every morning. So for now, I will look, and try not to buy. If I am tempted, I will maybe start my own tumblr: Sarah Shaming. In which I take pictures of myself and all MY offenses, with buying too many purses right at the top. I’m sure Coco would approve.

Have a great weekend, everyone!