The Friday Five!

1. This is the week the weather changed. It’s cool in the mornings, not humid: the air doesn’t feel like a giant sponge you have to fight your way through, as it has since, well, May or so. Flip side of the cooler temps, though, is that EVERYONE is suddenly sick. My daughter came down with some bug last weekend, coughing and entirely stuffed up, and now my husband’s got it. I feel like everyone I see is clutching a tissue or sneezing. ICK! I’m already obsessive about hand sanitizer and hand washing, so I’m not sure what else I can do, other than eat kale constantly (antioxidants!) and stay a few feet back from, well, everyone. Which is somewhat harder to do when you have a drippy, affectionate preschooler who wants to sit in your lap, share your food and sneeze in your face. Wish me luck.

2. I’ve admitted a lot of embarrassing things on this blog. Three words come to mind: Honey Boo Boo. But the nice thing (or one nice thing) about the internet is that no matter what kind of embarrassing stuff you like, you can find someone else who is into it as well. Which is how I came to find out that I was, in fact, NOT the only person obsessed with the reality show Starting Over when it was on.

Remember? They took all these women who needed to “work on their lives,” put them in a house and gave them life coaches and tasks and Time to Grow and Heal. It was cheesy and wonderful and then, after three or four seasons, gone. I’d forgotten my obsession with it until I saw one of the coaches, Iyanla, on GMA the other morning. And it all came back! So I tweeted about it, wondering if anyone ELSE remembered it, and sure enough, TONS of people did. Clearly, I am not the only  one who wonders how the cast is doing today. Reunion special? Anyone? No? Maybe there’s a DVD somewhere….

3. Speaking of TV, the fall premiere season officially began this week. Being such a TV person (see above, Honey Boo Boo and Starting Over) it’s one of my favorite times of the year. So far, I’ve watched GO ON, with Matthew Perry, which I liked but was not fully in love with. Part of this, I think, is that like his last show, MR. SUNSHINE, the character he plays is sort of a jerk. I understand he does not want to be Chandler Bing anymore. It makes total sense. But he plays likeable SO well. I wish he’d give it another shot. I’m really loving THE NEW NORMAL, because it is cute and funny AND has a Real Housewife among the cast members (another embarrassing, but true, obsession of mine). But my favorite new show—or new to me, anyway—is The X Factor. I mean, it has Britney Spears. How can I NOT watch? I love her expressions, her glasses…everything. I used to be a big fan of Idol, back in the day—longtime blog readers I am sure remember—but I gave up on it when they ran all those really mean audition specials, making fun of people who really believed they could sing. The world is mean enough without me CHOOSING to tune in and see more of it. So far, I’m not seeing that on this show. Plus Demi Lovato! I mean, honestly. All I need is nice Matthew Perry and I wouldn’t require another show, ever.

4. I just went to the mall to look for some good fall shoes. But I swear, EVERYTHING is boots. Rain boots, cowboy boots, riding boots. Short boots, tall books, big boots, small boots. (Isn’t that a Dr. Seuss book?) They’re cute, but the bottom line is I am NOT a boot person. They don’t look good on me, especially the riding/tall kind. I think it’s my calves. I have issues. I DO have a pair of cowboy boots my husband gave me, and I do wear those sometimes, with jeans, but not on a daily basis. I need something OTHER than Danskos for daily wear, especially when I go up to NYC in a few weeks and have to walk around a lot. (I get blisters EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to New York, no matter how old and broken in my shoes are. I have learned to pack band-aids in bulk.) I keep thinking this boot trend will peter out and be replaced with something else, but so far, no luck. So if I’m wearing cute black pants, or cute jeans, and I DON’T want to go boots but do want to be dressy, what do I do? Jenny Han, are you reading this? HELP! (Yes, I know this is just about shoes. I told you: issues.)

5. In related news (kind of) I’m getting a new author photo taken next week. I love my current one, but it’s been four years since it was taken, so I think it’s time for an update. Plus, I was still rocking my post-baby double chin a bit in that one, and I THINK it’s gone now, although has been replaced by some divots on my forehead that I swear appeared the SECOND I turned 42. I know I should probably get my makeup professionally done, and hair blown out, but..what I’ll REALLY do is do the best I can with the stuff I just got at Sephora (love an excuse to go there) bust out the flatiron, and then head up to my friend Kristin’s studio and hope for the best. She took the last one, and understands I both 1) hate getting my picture taken and 2) do not photograph well. Now I just have to figure out what to wear. Black turtleneck? Oh, WAY too author-y. Flowery dress? Might be too much. Really, the best I can hope for is that I get a decent night’s sleep and have enough time for my face to NOT look like I’ve been hit with a frying pan, as it does most mornings when I get up. Yeah, I’m aiming low. A boot person would SO not do that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!