I am a little amazed at how much time I can now spend eavesdropping without remorse. Sites like this, Livejournal, and Open Diary make it way too easy. I mean, in the last few minutes I’ve learned about how one woman wishes she hadn’t married her husband, how another is so psyched because she’s finally off probation, and been bombarded on yet another diary by a bunch of Jesus pop-up windows. Yikes. Maybe my mother was right, and there is such a thing as Too Much Information. As for me, though, I love it.

Meanwhile, under the Surreal Happenings heading: today, on my way home, I passed this little ice cream/milk store out here by where I live. (It’s Maple View Dairy, for those of you local types.) Anyway, for some bizarre reason there was a little stage erected just to the side of it, with a big screen and a bunch of activities. Apparently it was part of the whole Got Milk? campaign, sort of a travelling promotional sort of deal that’s affiliated, for some reason, with TRL. (I guess its that whole teenager/milk connection.) So there, at Maple View Farms, is Carson Daly’s big face on the side of this truck, staring out at what is essentially pasture land, silos and cows in any direction you look. Somehow the juxtapostion of Carson Daly, Mr. Uber-cool, and a silo was a juxtaposition that has not yet left me. I mean, this is the coun-try. He just don’t belong here!

(Disclaimer: I don’t have anything against Carson. In fact, I really felt for him about the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt/Tara Reid situations. Had to hurt……)