The Friday Five (trying again…)

Okay, so the first version of this Five formatted all weird. Hopefully this one will work better. We’ll see!

1. This has been the Week of Sick at our house. Maybe it’s the change in weather, or re-entering preschool (also known as the germ festival) or just bad luck, but all THREE of us in our little family were hit with the same bug this week. It’s bad enough when my kid is sick. She’s helpless and can’t sleep, which means I don’t sleep, and I feel like I want to fix things but can’t. But factor in my husband and I both hacking and sniffling AND her being up all night, and it’s like a recipe for a full on family nervous breakdown. Usually the universe is kind enough to just make one of us sick at a time, but apparently we’d had our run with that: we were due. I THINK we are all on the mend now. Fingers crossed. At times like this, I remind myself of something Anne Lamott said in her book TRAVELING MERCIES: that sometimes, when everything is going wrong all at once, it’s because something great is trying to be born, and it needs you to be distracted so it can be born as perfectly as possible. Good stuff is coming. It has to be!

2. I’m writing this in the fellowship hall of the church where my kid has preschool, on my iPad, just after drop-off. There was a time when I only blogged at home, just as there was a time I only wrote at home, at the same time every day, under the same circumstances. But parenthood has forced me to be flexible in a way I never was able to be pre-child; now, I write/blog/work/exist wherever I can, whenever I can. Whole Foods is a favorite satellite office, as is the parking lot outside this preschool. Also: a chair at the pool while my kid takes her swim lesson, my car just about anywhere, and the occasional coffee shop. I think back sometimes to how crazy rigid I used to be about my work: I obsessed all day about it, then did it, then obsessed about how well or not well it had gone. I don’t have time for that now, and that’s a GOOD thing. I’ve always felt lucky that literally, I can do my job anywhere I can bring my computer. So why am I not working in Bora Bora, then? Your guess is as good as mine. Hmmm.

3. The Emmys are this weekend, and as a TV person, I am SERIOUSLY excited. It’s hard to know, though, who to pull for, as so many of my favorites are nominated. I’m really hoping to see Lena Dunham and GIRLS pick up something, although as a freshman show I know their chances aren’t great. I don’t watch Mad Men—tried, when my kid was an infant, but it was too dark for me, as those were sort of dark days already—and have just started Breaking Bad, which I think is also favored to win some stuff. I also don’t watch Downton Abby, which I think has some nods as well. What AM I watching? Clearly not the super big award getters, other than Modern Family, which I ADORE and is heavily nominated. I guess the Real Housewives aren’t exactly Emmy bait? How can they NOT be, with such dramatic performances? (Yes, I’m joking.)

4. Truth be told, The Real Housewives ARE my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Which is why, when I’m in New York in a week or so, I’m seriously considering trying to go to a blk. water event where I believe some of the New Jersey cast will be appearing. I know I should not be sharing this here, probably. It’s already sort of nuts that I am so open about my GMA obsession and stalking THAT show when I’m in NYC. You should hear my agent make fun of me: it’s brutal. But I am all about honesty here, and other than getting to see my sort-of boyfriend-but-not-really Josh Elliott of GMA in person, I am REALLY hoping to catch of glimpse of Caroline Manzo from RHONJ. Even just a DISTANT glimpse. Oh, man. I can’t even believe I’m saying this here. I’m going to be in New York! I should be going to MOMA! Or Saks! *cringes* I’m so ashamed. But I’ll probably totally still do it. Maybe I just won’t share it here?

5. Finally, speaking of The Real Housewives—I know, I know, but bear with me!—I just finished listening to Carole Radziwill’s memoir WHAT REMAINS on audio. I didn’t know much about her before starting this book, other than she was somehow related to a Kennedy by marriage. But this story, which is about her husband’s battle with cancer, and losing him, as well as John Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette, her best friend, all within months of each other, is heartbreaking and SO well done. It’s a story of pain and illness and grief and friendship and I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t let the whole fact that she’s a Real Housewife dissuade you: she’s a writer first. I wonder if she works in parking lots and fellowship halls too?

Okay, off to rest (more) and blow my nose (endlessly).

Have a good weekend, everyone!