The Friday Five!

1. What do you get when you mix a livelong love of office supplies and an author with ten almost eleven books of quotes? This:

I have Oprah to blame (or thank) for these. I was listening to Oprah Radio (what?) and heard a commercial for custom made pens. Immediately, I was interested. Mostly because I LOVE all things school supply related, but also because I’ve been looking for something fun to give away that isn’t size dependent/bulky to pack like T-shirts. Fifteen minutes later, I had placed an order with these three quotes. I know it’s nerdy, but I am SO excited. I want to order more, with other quotes, once I figure out which ones I should use. And then I need to come up with a way to distribute them, other than leaving them all over Chapel Hill, which of course I am already doing. Maybe shoot them out of one of those T-shirt cannons at my next reading? Actually, that sounds kind of dangerous. Back to the drawing board. (See that? A pen joke!)

2. Is it October yet? No? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like MOST of September whizzed past. It feels like it was just my kid’s birthday, and that was way back on the second. But this last week? It’s like GLACIAL in its speed, like the days are dragging their feet as much as possible. It’s not like I should be in a hurry for October, anyway: the days will get even shorter, it’s going to start getting dark before dinnertime, and I always get kind of down when that happens. But it’s coming. It’s happening. It’s inevitable, so we need to just GET TO IT. Snap out of it, September! I’m looking at you, 29th and 30th.

3. On the book front, I’m probably the only person who didn’t run out and get THE CASUAL VACANCY this week. I totally want to read it, but I am so far behind on my To Read pile it’s embarrassing. This week I did read a REALLY good YA novel that coming out from Knopf in January: it’s called THE TRAGEDY PAPER, and it’s a debut novel from Elizabeth Laban. It sort of reminded me of LOOKING FOR ALASKA in some ways, which, as John Green fans know, is high praise indeed. On audio, I started Dan Savage’s THE COMMITMENT, then got kind of tired of it (not his fault, totally mine, I am very impatient when it comes to audiobooks) so now I’m listening to Penny Marshall’s MY MOTHER WAS NUTS. She reads it herself, which really makes the book, although every time my husband gets in my car and it’s on he says, “Is that David Sedaris?” People: Penny Marshall sounds NOTHING like David Sedaris. At least, not to me. Next up in Real Books (i.e. not audio or iPad) I’m finally going to let myself read Jonathan Tropper’s ONE LAST THING BEFORE I GO, which I’ve been saving for my flight up and back to New York next week. It was VERY hard to be patient, but I managed. Only two more days to go. Of course, they are September 29th and 30th. Uh-oh…

4. Now, a quick update on the boot front. Remember when I was all ambivalent about buying a pair, even though they are CLEARLY going nowhere as a trend? And then RIGHT after I wrote that entry, I went to Nordstrom Rack, saw a pair I liked, and took the plunge? Well, the good news is that I HAVE been wearing them and am getting used to how they look. The bad news is that every single time anyone says anything like, “Nice boots!” or “I like your boots,” I feel the need to fill them in on the ENTIRE BACKSTORY as well as ALL MY NEUROSIS and SELF TALK that was involved in the decision. It’s like a therapy session they never agreed to be a part of. They were just being nice! I swear, I REALLY need to work on my need to explain myself to anyone who will listen. With my, you know, ACTUAL therapist. And not some random person in the dressing room at my gym. Sigh.

5. It’s been a sad week at this house, as we’ve come to the realization that we REALLY have to find new homes for some of our little chickens. The roosters, to be specific. They are so cute, with their feathered feet and pecking little noses. But they start crowing BEFORE the sun is up, and for small animals they are LOUD. It’s endless and I am so scared my neighbors hate me, if they didn’t already from the OTHER rooster, who at least is contained until daybreak. We’re going to build the little guys a better, more sound-strong coop, but still, five roosters is really four too many. And you don’t know HOW many you’ll get when you order them as chicks. So we put an ad up on a local bulletin board, hoping someone with a big yard and NO neighbors (or hearing impaired ones) will be interested. I feel so rotten about it, though. They’re just roosters, doing what roosters do. Although, LOUDLY. And at 5am. Sorry, neighbors, if you are reading this. We’re working on it…

Have a great weekend, everyone!