The Friday Five!

1. I know it’s Friday, but it totally feels like Tuesday to me. This is because I was in NYC from Monday-Wednesday, which felt so decadent and fun it was like a weekend, so I’m all thrown off. Not that I am complaining: I love when Friday is a pleasant surprise. New York was SO fun and busy. I came home with a packed suitcase (had to sit on it to get it shut), sore feet and shin splints from walking too much in Unreasonable Shoes. Totally worth it, though. I’ve been wearing my TOMS ever since I got home and they feel like HEAVEN. Sorry, feet. But it couldn’t be helped. A girl’s gotta look good in a big city, right?

2. The first day I was there, I had lunch with my BFF and her baby down by the World Trade Center site, where she said she saw Leonardo DiCaprio just recently. No such luck, but I DID get to hold a five month old, which was just so lovely and wonderful. Those tiny feet! The way a baby’s head smells!(Okay, some of you are going to think I am a total freak saying that, but others GET IT COMPLETELY. You know who you are.) Then it was up to midtown to stand in line to see some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey at a Duane Reade, where they were promoting BLK water. I was one of the very first people there (nerd alert!) bought my water (required for a pic/autograph) then went upstairs to get in line. There, I totally bonded with some other folks who were just as obsessed with the RHONJ as I am. Specifically, Dan and Kelsey, who were so totally My People that we were instant buds. We waited together, swapping stories about the show and staring at Jacqueline, Caroline, Chris M., Chris L. and Albie when they arrived. And then, finally, it was my turn:

People, I TOTALLY nerded out. I can’t even remember what I said, other than blurting something to Caroline about how great her kids seemed and how I always felt like a failure as a mom. WHY DID I FEEL THE NEED TO GO INTO FULL THERAPY MODE WITH A REAL HOUSEWIFE? Your guess is as good as mine. To her credit, she totally reassured me. Which is why I love her. Still, sort of embarrassing. Since I was already humiliated, I figured I’d go all out and ask Albie for a pic as well. He obliged.

And yes, I have TWO bags on. Why am I always toting luggage in important pictures? This is only one of the questions still haunting me.

3. The next day, I was planning to go stand outside GMA, as is my other nerd activity when I am in NYC. Lucky for me, the fabulous weekend anchor Bianna Golodryga saw my tweets about this and got me on the guest list, so I was INSIDE. Woot! It was a HUGE day on the show, as Stephen Colbert was guest hosting. Personally, I was just as excited to see the friends I’ve made on the GMA crew, including a stagehand, Cap, who teases me about my GMA love but also makes sure I get good placement so I can see everything up close. I totally need to make her some magic bars. I didn’t get to meet Colbert, but I did get to see him and G-Step enjoying some Oreohos–Oreos inside Hohos:

Plus, Jenny McCarthy was there! In the MOST insanely high Louboutins. She’s gorgeous in person, FYI.

And, the Gambler himself: Kenny Freaking Rogers.

I won’t even get into how I also met Emeril’s daughter, who was promoting her gluten-free cookbook. It would be overkill, right?

4. But of COURSE you all know who I was really there to see: my GMA peeps. Robin’s still on medical leave, and Bianna wasn’t in that day (which is why it was all the more cool she got me on the list) but Josh and Sam were present and accounted for. They were so sweet to me, coming over and giving me big hugs when they saw me, then making sure I got a good pic before I left:

This makes me just SO happy. I’d be embarrassed HOW happy if I hadn’t already pretty much shamed myself with this entire entry. But seriously: day, week and month MADE.

5. The real reason I was up in New York—are you surprised it was not to stalk celebrities? I do not blame you—was to have a big meeting with the folks at Penguin about plans for both the paperback release of WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE (in April) and the hardback publication of THE MOON AND MORE (in June). Suffice to say, I am going to be BUSY for the next, um, year or so. It’s exciting and scary and wonderful, all at once. The only concern I have is NOT making you all sick of me and my books by too much self promotion here and Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest/Everywhere Else. Personally I get tired of people who are always flogging their latest release, endlessly, and I don’t want to do that. So I am trying to find the right balance. The good thing is, I have a little while to figure it out. Time is good. Very good. And look: now I’m out of it. This is number five. Already! Like I said, pleasant surprise…..

Have a great weekend, everyone!