Don’t know why, might be because I have a (gulp) birthday coming up relatively soon, but lately I’ve been sort of immersed in nostalgia. At least the movie kind. I bought Fast Times on DVD and have been watching it the last couple of nights. This movie was really popular when I was in middle school, and watching it now makes me realize how much things have changed. And, at the same time, that a lot of aspects of high school stay exactly the same. I guess some things, like school dances and the stoners in the parking lot, are timeless.

The weirdest thing is that towards the end of the movie there’s this reference to Ozzy Osbourne, who back then (1982) was still considered to be, well, radical. So when the movie’s over I flip over to MTV and there’s Ozzy and his family, The Osbournes, three back to back to back episodes. (I am slightly addicted. It’s like a car wreck, that show. You know you shouldn’t look, and yet can’t help yourself.) What a weird pop culture moment. Talk about things never changing.

Also, I again have to confess to my love for Cameron Crowe. There’s a commentary on this DVD with him and the director, Amy Heckerling (who also directed Clueless). He is just so, so wonderful. Sigh.