I love, love LOVE going to the movies.

Here’s my ideal: a Sunday afternoon matinee on a hot day, when the theatre is practically empty. Popcorn. Blasting A/C. Bliss.

Yesterday, I went to see The Sweetest Thing. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing, and it wasn’t: it was just fun. Fun in a Something About Mary For Girls kind of way. (Which is to say, stuff that is gross but you still find yourself chuckling at.) This movie had many things that I like: stupid humor, an homage to Grease (and Pretty Woman) as well as Parker Posey, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss her kind of role.

Sitting there, as the lights came down and the previews started, with my popcorn already half gone, I realized I’ve been taking things just a bit too seriously lately. I’ve been letting too much get to me. And what I really needed, more than anything, was a movie.

I feel better now.