The Friday Five!

1. Well, first, there is this:

In the end, my husband just couldn’t help himself. He knew right before the holidays was a bad time to get a puppy. That we already had a House of Chaos, and this would just make it more crazy. And that puppies are a lot of work, even if you DON’T have a high maintenance five year old. But none of this mattered. When you know, you know. And he knew he wanted this dog. We named him Goose, and he’s barked all night long in his crate for the three nights we’ve had him. It’s like having a colicky newborn, except he doesn’t even cry it out. The boy has STAMINA. When he is not howling, however—which is basically whenever he’s out of the crate—he’s adorable and lovely and poops everywhere but I don’t even care. (See adorable and lovely, previous.) He’s got to get used to his crate, though, for his own safety and well-being. My husband, who is now as sleep deprived as I was when my kid was seven weeks old, is walking around like a zombie, but determined. “It’s a battle of wills now,” he says. But how can you battle with THAT FACE? *squees*

2. In other news, the rough pages for THE MOON AND MORE arrived this week. This the typeset book, my last chance to read it over and make any changes before it’s actually printed. It makes it feel so real!

The honest truth is that, by this point, I have lost ALL perspective on this novel. It’s probably the tenth or eleventh time I have read it since finishing, and it’s all starting to blur in my head. Which is bad, because I really need to catch all these last little mistakes and issues. People often ask me if I ever re-read my books once they are published, other than the excerpts I do aloud. I don’t. Mostly because by the time I finish editing, then talk about the book for a full year or so, I’m ready to move on. But in a good way. Otherwise I’d never start another one. Which I really need to do. As soon as I can get through these rough pages.

3. The other day I heard “Once In A Lifetime” by the Talking Heads on the radio, and I realized it pretty much sums up my life these days, or at least this week. When I was in high school and loved that song, I didn’t really get the whole, “You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife/And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?” But at forty two and change, when I found MYSELF volunteering at my daughter’s preschool to help the kids make ornaments AND baking magic bars for the class bake sale, I almost got whiplash from the realization that yes, this IS my life now. Honestly, I still feel like I JUST became an adult. Like, yesterday. How did I end up at a small table, with small children, showing them how to press a stamp into clay to make a snowflake? Isn’t that what MY mother should be doing, while I, oh, I don’t know, ride around in cars with boys she wouldn’t approve of? Man. Life is crazy. Which I guess is what that song is about, in the end.

4. OH I can’t resist. One more and then I swear I will stop:

I can hear him right now, in his crate, howling. Poor baby. Why do I think he’s going to be the Most Spoiled Dog Ever? Just a hunch.

5. I just clicked over to check my email and found one from Kate Spade, offering 20% today and tomorrow on both sale AND full priced stuff. Oh, dear. I have many weaknesses—Luke Perry, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, Almost Famous, puppies, the list goes on and on—but lately my Kate Spade fixation has become, um, a bit of a problem. I CANNOT stop stalking their online sale. And buying purses. How many purses do I need? Apparently, enough for my husband to be considering an intervention. I have NO IDEA why I am so fixated. I think their stuff—purses, clothes, the jewelry—just lets me pretend, albeit fleetingly, that I am living a much more glamorous life than I actually am. I might be cleaning up puppy poop AGAIN at 9:20am, but I am doing it with some very cute cocktail earrings on. I am struggling to be crafty in my kid’s preschool classroom, helping little hands make ornaments only a parent could love, but I have a very kicky red patent leather purse to make me feel like I’m still slightly hip. I guess we all do what we can to be what we hope to be, and for me it happens to involve accessories. And the occasional sweater. I guess there are worse things? I can only hope so. I can also hope I will NOT click over to their site. Oh, who am I kidding…

Have a great weekend, everyone!