Okay. So I think (?) this is a good review…….

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Gr. 8-12. Remy never knew her father, but everyone knows the song he wrote for her, “This Lullaby,” a schmaltzy tune with the line, “I will let you down.” Well, he did, and Remy expects every boy to do the same thing, so she stays in control of her relationships. When Remy meets Dexter the summer after she graduates from high school, she breaks her cardinal rule: never get involved with a musician. And oh, the horror: irrepressible Dexter makes her care too much. This is a very full book. Remy’s fear of commitment juxtaposed against her mother’s embracement of life is the main theme, but subplots about a wandering stepdad, a smitten brother, and the affairs of assorted friends also take space. Moreover, the story evolves over a summer–and sometimes reads like every day of it. What’s wonderful, however, is that this nuanced book is also a real romance; Dessen, who can turn out terrific prose, gets every feeling, every touch just right. Remy and Dexter (especially Dexter) jump off the pages into the hearts of readers, who will wish for a romance like this of their own. Ilene Cooper
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Although that line about reading like every day of the summer…OUCH! Thank god for the line after it or I’d most likely be curled up in the fetal position under my desk…….