The Friday Five!

1. Look what the UPS guy brought me yesterday!

It’s an Advance Reader’s Copy of THE MOON AND MORE, also known as a galley and a BOM. But to me, it just means that all this hard work and agonizing and title and cover drama is finally…a book. That I can hold in my hand! And read—if I wasn’t so totally sick of it by this point that doing that is the LAST thing I feel like doing. I got two copies, one for my husband and parents to read, one to keep for myself, and my daughter immediately threw a fit that I wouldn’t let her have one of them. Do I want princess stickers, magic marker and kid schmutz all over my beautiful BOM? I do not. So I am holding my ground and, um, hiding them on high shelf. You do what you have to do.

2. Guess what’s in THESE boxes?

Well, that would be tip-in sheets. And what are those?

They are single sheets of paper that I am supposed to sign, which will then be bound into finished hardbacks to make signed copies. I’ve done this before, for LOCK AND KEY, but only about 5000. John Green, rock star that he is, signed 150,000 for his great novel THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I am only (only?) doing about 12,000 for THE MOON AND MORE, but it’s a bit daunting nonetheless. I am approaching it tortoise style, which is to say slow and steady, a small stack at a time. So far having NASHVILLE on seems to increase my output. My mother, for her part, keeps reminding me that my grandmother had to have surgery on her hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. Which I really hope doesn’t happen. See, and just like that I’m worried again. Slow. Steady. Slow. Steady…

3. We’re at week two of puppy housebreaking with our new pup Goose, and it is also slow. Although not exactly steady. Not sure why, but I can take him outside for a full half hour, during which time he will eat sticks and chew on leaves, ignoring our purpose for being outside altogether. Then, the minute we are BACK in the house he pees on the floor. So it’s outside AGAIN because I have always trained all my dogs by making the association that outside=peeing and pooping, even if it’s AFTER they have done it. I keep thinking we will have that Eliza Doolittle “Rain in Spain” moment, when he suddenly GETS IT, but so far it’s not happening. As far as the nights, he’s whining less, but still loudly when he does. Of course, he’s so cute that all of this is, really, forgiveable. But I did catch him chewing on my Cole Haan shoes the other day and THAT IS NOT OKAY. He’ll probably learn that before he does the housebreaking thing.

4. Tomorrow is the first day of December. How do I know this? Because my daughter keeps reminding me that we have to put up our advent calendar, take down the tree and ornaments from the attic, and officially begin to Get Our Holiday On. Left to my own devices, I am not an early celebrator. As a rule I used to wait until the semester was done and I’d handed in my grades, when it really FELT like I was on vacation and ready to start thinking about Christmas. Even when I quit teaching, I stuck to that schedule. Enter a kid, and now we’re all holiday, all month long, unless I can fight the issue. I’ve agreed to the advent calendar and MAYBE hanging up some decorations, but I’m staying strong on the tree, at least for another week or so. Then again, A Charlie Brown Christmas has already aired, which was my OTHER real guideline. So who even knows?

5. Finally, next week I head up to New York for a couple of days for book stuff and some meetings. It’s always fun to be there before the holidays, because it feels so festive, but I’ll be running around so much I won’t have time to see much of anything. I was even thinking I wouldn’t get by GMA to wave at Sam Champion and Josh Elliott, but I’m thinking I won’t be able to resist. I know my love for GMA is really odd to some people out there, and I’ve given up trying to explain it, other than to say that when you’ve been up with an energetic preschooler (and now a chewing, non-housebroken puppy) for a full hour before sunrise, you just are really happy to see some warm, familiar (adult) faces, even if it IS only on the TV. You look for companionship where you can, I guess, especially after several rounds of Princess Car Crash (my daughter’s current favorite game, and yes it IS just what it sounds like). So I’ll be out there in the cold on Thursday or Friday, waving at the camera with all the other fans, and thinking of the harried, exhausted parents that just MIGHT be staring at me on their own sets. We’re all in this together. Thank god for coffee, though.

Have a great weekend, everyone!