The Friday Five! (last of 2012!)

1. Truth: in the title for this entry, I initially wrote “last of 2013!” This is the second time in as many days that I have jumped ahead, skipping the coming year pretty much altogether. Yesterday, organizing our holiday pictures on iPhoto, I called the album I made Christmas 2013. I’m a superstitious, naturally jumpy person, and I read too much into EVERYTHING, so of course I am now convinced that for some reason this year is going to be bad or something. Honestly. You would think I’d be too busy to be this neurotic. You would be wrong. Then again, it’s not like the number 13 doesn’t carry just a WEE bit of baggage along with it. Hotel floors skip it entirely! So maybe I’m not crazy. Okay, fine, whatever….

2. The dust is still settling here from Christmas, which was chaotic and lovely, all at once. My daughter did not sleep through the night for DAYS ahead of time, she was so excited, and she woke up Christmas morning at 3:15am (I wish I was kidding) then cried when I told her it was too early to get up. I’d forgotten, in my old age-needing-sleep-always state, about how STRONG that feeling for Christmas morning was at five. By the 24th, you feel like you’ve been waiting FOREVER already, so those last few hours are downright excruciating. I know there will come a time, probably before I’m ready, when she’s a sleepy teenager, dragging herself down at 10am to open stuff, still yawning. I also know that then I will miss all the excitement and innocence, because my friends with teens tell me I will. But 3:15am? REALLY? Suffice to say I was NOT feeling the holiday spirit when I shut her back in her room and told her to pipe down until at least 6. Bah, humbug.

3. And now, the only holiday I have left is New Year’s Eve, which….is not my favorite. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s usually that by the 31st I am all holiday-weary, or the fact that it involves staying up past midnight, something I wasn’t a huge fan of even BEFORE I had a kid that, you know, was basically nocturnal in terms of her wakeup times. It’s just that one night a year that you feel like everyone else is doing something super fabulous, so you should too, even if you REALLY just want to sit on the couch in your pajamas and watch Bravo, drinking wine and eating potato chips. (Truth: what I just described? That’s my most IDEAL NIGHT EVER. I’m all about honesty here.) I am, however, a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I love a fresh start. This year, I’m thinking mine will involve being on the internet less (we’ll see how that goes) and stopping obsessing about my book coming out (ditto). Three more days to figure out how to make that actually happen. I think I will need them.

4. Another plus side of the end of the year is all the recaps and lists, summing up best moments, movies, books, etc of the past twelve months. All of this satisfies my need to get things organized, even if the year has felt like one crazy hot mess. I got an email from Hulu Plus yesterday featuring the top SNL skits from 2012. This Disney Princess one is my very favorite., for reasons that will quickly become clear. And then there’s always the awesome GMA wrapup, which I ADORE as much as the show itself. But again, I am a BIT biased as to both these things, as a glance over the pics I’ve posted here proves:




5. Finally, I just want to thank everyone reading for this for sticking with this blog, and with me, for the last year. I know the entries have been erratic (at best) and not always very interesting. But I love having this space to say whatever I want in however many words I need to say it. There is a lot ahead in this new year: a paperback release, a new book, two book tours, so much excitement. I hope to be able to continue to share it with you, along with all the OTHER nonsense that fills my head. For 2013, I wish for you to have health and happiness and everything you need. See you next year!