The Friday Five!

1. I’m starting this Five before sunrise, at 6:41am. Why am I up so early? Well, my kid will only stay in bed until 6. Which I’d sort of gotten used to, as much as a person can get used to being up that early EVERY SINGLE DAY. But now my dogs have decided to get in on the action and start getting restless around, oh, 5:30 or so. I ignore them for as long as I can but eventually the whining and tag jingling and banging of noses against crate doors can’t be ignored. I’ve taken to going to bed earlier, as it’s really the only way to ensure I get a LOT of sleep, which I need to keep me from going, quite simply put, insane. (Me when my daughter was a newborn, waking up every few hours to eat: certifiable. I barely remember it.) But I feel SO lame going to bed at 9:30, especially on the weekends. What is the answer? There isn’t one. Welcome to parenthood/adulthood/life in general. It’s nice here! And at least there is coffee.

2. In other breaking news, my puppy Goose just discovered in the last few minutes that our living room rug and rug pad are, apparently, DELICIOUS. I left the room to play Princess Car Crash upstairs and came back down to find him in full out gnaw, pieces of the pad all around him. He is VERY stealth and quiet when being particularly bad. The worse he acts, the more silent he becomes. Not quite sure how I will keep him away from the rug, which is big and, you know, on the floor. Sometimes I feel like we are Clouseau and Cato, constantly battling to outwit each other. I think I lose most of the time. And the rug takes the damage, at least this time.

3. In book news, I was SO excited to see that my fab publisher is doing a special offer for the e-book of my novel DREAMLAND for only $2.99. It’s happening tomorrow, 1-12-13, and you can get more info from this Penguin Teen Tumblr post. I love all my books–even if I don’t love the writing process every day—but I have a special place in my heart for DREAMLAND. It’s always been different from the others, certainly a bit darker of a story, and it also had a very dark cover for many years which I think some people weren’t drawn to as much as the more bright pastel ones. DREAMLAND isn’t my story, but the sadness and isolation that Caitlin feels keeping so many secrets about her relationship with Rogerson (and other things) was something I could relate to pretty well from my own high school experience. Anyway, I’m happy some people who haven’t read it might pick it up at this price. Everyone loves a bargain, right?

4. Speaking of books, the guy who works for my husband, Will, just returned my copy of THE ART OF FIELDING, which I’d lent him. He liked it a lot—how could you not, it is an AWESOME novel—and we started talking about how strong the characters were, how well written. Which of course got me onto my favorite characters from books ever, which got me to Owen Meany. I assumed Will had read John Irving’s A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY, mostly because it’s my favorite book of all time and I figure it must be everyone else’s as well. But no! He had not read it. He had not read any John Irving. I was like WHAT??? Then I tried to explain what makes Owen Meany such an amazing character, and book, but of course it’s just impossible, there’s no way to know until you read it. So now I will be putting my totally dog-eared copy of the book into his hands, the cover barely still attached I’ve read it so much, and hope he likes it as much as I did. There is NOTHING like getting to give someone your favorite book and knowing they’re in for a treat. Nothing.

5. In the gap between the entry above and this one, I just fell down a serious Pinterest hole. There is NO time suck like a Pinterest one, at least for me. I think, “Oh, I’ll just pop over and see what the folks I’m following are pinning,” and the next thing I know literal HOURS have passed. There’s just something about all these images, and organizing them neatly into boards with clever (or trying to be clever) titles that appeals to my inner organizational geek. Case in point: this week, one of my major accomplishments was creating a board that is solely about bacon. Yes: bacon. (If you’re on Pinterest, you can see it here.) My life may be total chaos, with dogs waking me up at 5:30 and daughter wanting to play Princess Car Crash and books to be written and promoted and groceries to buy, but my Pinterest boards are VERY neat and tidy. I’ll take it where I can get it. The bacon is just a bonus.

Have a good weekend, everyone!