The Friday Five!

1. Another week, another “wintry event” here in NC. Last week I was in Pittsburgh when it snowed (and by snow, I mean a dusting, which is basically blizzard in these parts) but this time I get to be here for all the craziness. It’s supposed to start doing something (ice? snow? sleet?) around noon, and already the local schools have set for early release. My babysitter is worried about coming. My husband is convinced we’re going to lose power. (This last one is not so hysterical, actually, as out here in the country it doesn’t take much for this to happen. Ice can do it, but so can a pudgy squirrel bouncing on the lines. It’s why we have a generator. We learned our lesson long ago.) Meanwhile, I saw on GMA that in Pittsburgh this morning it is three degrees. Yes: that is 3, as in one less than four. Whoa! Loved my visit but am super glad it was last week and not this one. Small mercies.

2. Speaking of Pittsburgh, it was a total blast. I had so much fun meeting tons of my readers, as well as the awesome Siobhan Vivian, author of THE LIST and BURN FOR BURN with Jenny Han. Siobhan is one of my Twitter friends, but it was so cool to finally meet in person. Plus, when she introduced me at the Carnegie Library she referred to me as the “original gangsta” of YA, which is a definite first for me. I have street cred! Sort of. Seriously, though, who knew? If you don’t believe me, check out this article in PW. Because if it’s in PW, it MUST be true!

3. While I was traveling I did a lot of reading on my iPad. In doing so, I discovered a downside I hadn’t realized before: when I’m reading an actual BOOK, I can tell when I’m getting close to the end, as I can see the pages dwindling. But there I was, reading Jami Attenberg’s THE MIDDLESTEINS, which I was LOVING, and suddenly it just ended. Poof! I was like, NOOOOOOO! Maybe it was the way it was written, with chapters that could sort of stand alone, but I had no idea it was coming to a close. I wanted it to go on forever. I’m going to have to start paying attention to the page count on the bottom of the screen, clearly, to avoid future disappointment. Although that IS the sign of a great book: when you don’t want it to end. I’m feeling the same way about listening to David Rakoff’s HALF EMPTY on audio. It’s so great, and I love his voice, but I also feel so sad knowing he passed away recently. Reading is so emotional! I guess that’s why I love it so much, though.

4. One of the super cool things about being an author (and there are lots, truly) is that sometimes what you write can inspire someone else to write something equally super cool. I’m lucky that I often get tweets and emails from people who have done book trailers for my novels, for school or just for fun, or gifs and quote pages. This week, someone tweeted me a link to a song a girl named Sarah Bryant had written that was inspired by THIS LULLABY. It’s not the song from the book, but rather a song SHE wrote after reading the book. I went and watched the video and seriously it’s been stuck in my head ever since. It’s like the best earworm ever. So if you want to watch it, it’s here. But you have been warned! You WILL be humming it the rest of the day.

5. Last night, I went over to visit some friends who have a three month old baby. I was in heaven, as I LOVE holding babies, especially little ones. They are such awesome people, I knew they’d be awesome parents, and they totally are. Being with the baby brought back SO many memories for me. My kid is a handful now, and was then, but she’s changed so much. There are days that I wish I could just scoop her up over my shoulder, like I did with this little one, or that her fingers and toes were still so tiny. But that’s the great thing about parenthood: all the ages are fun. I love that, at five, my kid can have full-on, detailed conversations with me. Of course, she can also argue/negotiate me into the ground. Witness when she doesn’t want to eat her green beans. “Just a couple,” I say. “That’s two!” she replies. I say, “Eat a few.” “How many is a few?” I say, “More than two.” And on and on. I have a feeling she might be a litigator when she grows up, she’s that tenacious. I love that we play princess and fairy games and put on plays with the dogs. But OH for those days when she was this tiny, warm bundle in my arms, just babbling away. Can you want to go back and stay where you are at the same time? Apparently. OH I am such a sap. I’m going to blame it on the weather. Why not?

Have a great weekend, everyone!