The Friday Five!

1. I’ve written here before about  how February is not my favorite month. Nothing personal, we just don’t mesh. Maybe it’s the cold, or the gray, or the cold and gray. But I must have angered February, because last week was a real kicker. My husband AND daughter both got sick over the weekend (with a stomach bug and cold, respectively) and I was playing double nursemaid. Also, I am highly suggestible and paranoid when it comes to stomach bugs, so I was convinced that at any moment I, too, would be felled like a giant oak. Clorox Wipes and soap and water were my besties, let’s just put it that way. I wiped down everything, constantly, including myself. If I could have worn a hazmat suit, I would have. Everyone’s better now, thankfully, although I am still exhausted. I’m determined, now, to make nice with this month. After all, next week is Valentine’s Day. Which means chocolate! Which is not cold or gray. Ideally.

2. As I write this, the internet is buzzing with expectation for the SNOWPOCALYPSE and the BLIZZARD OF ALL TIME, which is about to hit the Northeast. They’re calling it Nemo, which is weird because when I hear that name I think cute orange fish, not travel nightmares, snowplows and shoveling driveways. There’s something contagious about storm panic/prep, though. Even though it’s doing NOTHING here (but being, well, cold and gray BUT THAT IS OKAY, FEBRUARY!) I have this urge to hunker down, make a big pot of mac and cheese  and nap. There is a certain comfort to being snowed in, or at least there WAS until I had a rowdy, energetic five year old to entertain. Gone are the days when I could, you know, eat carbs, crash, and watch Bravo marathons while the white stuff piled up outside. Now it’s all about Keeping Her Busy Without Making Myself Crazy. I keep telling myself, though, that a time will come when she’ll want to be only with her friends and spend most of her time in her room on the phone (or mind-meld, or whatever technology will rule by that point) so I need to soak this time up. Still, I miss those marathons. Hopefully Bravo will still be around and kicking in ten years.

3. The Moon and More, my next book, will not be out until June 4th, but things are starting to pick up  nonetheless. Some review copies have gone out, some ARCs to librarians and bloggers, and the folks at Penguin are busy cooking up all kinds of fun stuff that I’ll be able to tell you about as things get closer. It’s starting to feel more REAL,which you would think would not be that exciting since this is the eleventh time I’ve done it, but it TOTALLY is. The lag time between finishing a book and seeing it released allows for LOTS of time for neurotic types like me to obsess, agonize and just generally tie myself up in knots. The best thing to do at this point, at least for me, is to start another book. It just allows me to cut the cord that much more, so to speak. It’s not that I’m done with The Moon and More: it hasn’t even started yet. But it’s shifting, as we speak, into another phase. Like this week, I got to listen to some auditions for the audiobook, which is always fun. Also sort of bizarre, and I am not used to hearing anyone read my stuff aloud but, you know, me. It’s hard to let go! I have to admit, I’m so weird about all this I can’t even imagine how I’ll take my kid heading off to kindergarten in the fall. Jesus. Better start putting money aside for extra therapy NOW.

4. Another thing that happens as a book release nears is I have to find that sticky balance between doing necessary promotion and being obnoxious. This is not easy, as of course I WANT to tell people about my book and extra stuff that has to do with it, but I also hate it when someone bombards me with so much ME ME BUY BUY MY MY BOOK BOOK that I want to do exactly the opposite. Social media makes this even stickier. If someone, say, reads this blog, follows me on Twitter and Instagram AND Tumblr, they might get sick of hearing about the book fast. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out where Facebook fits in with all of this. I have a Facebook account under Sarah Dessen, as well as a Sarah Dessen page, but I am UBER slack about checking/updating them. To me, Facebook is more for friends and family, while everything else is for, you know, everyone else. But I know a lot of authors use FB for their professional stuff as well. I guess I’m wondering if you, kind reader of this blog, look for authors on FB or if it’s more for your friends/family, like I use it? The last thing I want to do is make everyone sick of my book before it’s even out. But at the same time…ugh. I think I need a dance break or something.









Ah, that’s better. You can only think about work for so long before you just NEED to see a picture of the Nard Dog from The Office busting a move in an elevator. If you’re in the Northeast, be safe this weekend! Hunker down and watch some Bravo for me. Don’t forget the mac and cheese!

Have a good weekend, everyone!