The Friday Five!

1. Another week, another blog post written in the preschool parking lot. This time, however, I’m supposed to be snapping pics of myself WHILE doing this, for use in some promotional videos/materials for the new book. I’m as much of a fan of the selfie as anyone, but this is NOT easy. Plus I think I look totally weird holding my phone out to the side and blindly hitting the shutter button, hoping to capture SOMETHING that looks like what I am actually doing. As if all the other parents at preschool didn’t think I was weird enough already.

2. In other news, our trip to Austin was GREAT. My husband made the time he was aiming for in the marathon (3.5 hours) I ate a TON of good food, and I got to see the Landing Strip club, albeit from a distance, which was featured in Friday Night Lights. Also, I got a bobblehead armadillo, which look so much like a rat from a distance I moved it over to my office so as not to scare guests. I love it because all I have to do is flick him, and he agrees with anything I say. The POWER!



3. As I mentioned, Austin has AMAZING food. Tex Mex, barbecue, Polynesian-Asian fusion and bacon-wrapped deep fried Hot Dogs (yes, really). For me, though, it will forever be remembered as the place where I first tried the gloriousness that is fried chicken and waffles. There’s a place here in Durham that does this and is delicious, but I have never been. So when we were in the marathon waiting place and they had this up on the buffet, I could not resist. Even though it was, you know, 9am. I mean, the waffles make it breakfast food, right?



4. I know I said this last week, but attending marathons( and being at the finish line especially) is really inspiring to me. Because I had a five year old in tow who protested whenever I tried to drag her on any walks other than to toy stores or places with cookies, I didn’t get to check in with my husband at mile 5, 10, 20, etc. So we just saw him at the finish. It had been a long morning already, trying to get my kid to cooperate, battling the crowds, and, you know, eating chicken and waffles (Okay, that last part was a snap.) So by the time we climbed onto our seats on the bleachers near the finish we are overdue for a nap and kind of cranky. But then we settled in, and the music was playing, and the guys with the microphones were shouting people’s names and encouragement as they came in. Every few minutes someone in the crowd around us would burst out screaming and clapping, cheering on their person as they passed by and under the finish banner. People were crying, slapping hands as they ran past, pumping their fists. It was so awesome. (There was also the guy who finished, then stepped right in front of us and threw up five times in a row, which was NOT as fun to watch, but whatever.) We’d been tracking my husband on the mobile app, so we knew when to expect him, and when we saw him we screamed his name and jumped up and down. He was so focused he didn’t even see us. However, he did not throw up, so I call that a win. Anyway, it was really life affirming to see so many people reaching a personal goal, one right after the other. It made me think you can really do anything you put your mind to. And that’s always a nice thing to remember.

5. Finally, there was ANOTHER great inspiration this week: Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America, five months to the day after her bone marrow transplant. Regular readers of this page know I am obsessed with GMA, and Robin is kind of like my pretend BFF (but in a friendly way, not a scary/stalkery one). Plus, one time when I visited, she let me sit it George Stephanopoulus’ chair!



Anyway, I bought the People cover with Robin on it and read it on the plane coming home from Austin. She was so positive and spiritual in her tweets and FB messages, but it was clear from article that she had some rough, hard times during the prep for her transplant and the recovery. I talk here a lot about my celebrity/pop culture obsessions, and how I love the Housewives and FNL and Amy Poehler. But Robin: she INSPIRES me. I kept thinking about her, in fact, as I watched all those people, some cheering, some grimacing, some crying as they finished the marathon. Whether your race is public or private, you’re the only one who can run it, and sometimes that takes more than you think you have. But all that really matters is somehow, you keep going. I’m going to think of her the next time I’m up against something that seems too much to handle. One foot in front of the other, over and over again, all the way to the finish.









Have a great weekend, everyone!