The Friday Five!

1. It’s March! Hooray! And yes, it still feels like winter, and we may have some flurries this weekend. But by the end of the month, it will be beginning to feel like spring, and that is all that matters. Personally, I am already pretending it is spring if not summer. For example, this week I got a pink pedicure. And I am already looking at flip flops online. It’s all in the MINDSET, people. Although I draw the line at bathing suit shopping. Too early. Always too early.

2. Last night, we had another parenting first: the head wound. My kid is pretty tough in terms of injuries: since she started walking, she was running, and once running, doing a lot of falling. She’d totally faceplant in the living room, then jump up and announce “I’m okay!” before taking off again. So we’ve gotten a bit used to the quick recovery. Then, last night, we’ve just settled in at date night out when my phone rings. It’s my babysitter, so immediately I am nervous. I can hear my daughter wailing in the background, which sends me into a panic. Apparently she tripped and knocked her noggin on the bannister, and was at that moment bleeding quite a bit. I don’t even remember the drive home, just that my husband kept reassuring me that he was a BIG head bleeder as a kid, and usually it’s not nearly as bad as it looks. Okay, then. We get home, rush inside, and sure enough, there IS blood but the cut/bruise is small and already clotting up. My daughter is teary and worried we are mad at her for having to come home (sob!) my babysitter is nervous SHE is in trouble, and honestly I’m so relieved I can’t even speak. This morning, aside from a tinge of red in her hair, she’s good as new. This is all par for the parenting course, I know, but still, it’s not easy. I would consider a helmet if I didn’t know that sounded crazy. Maybe a nerf hat or something?

3. Regular readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of nonfiction on audio, memoirs in particular. This week I finished listening to 17 hours of GOING CLEAR, a nonfiction book all about the Church of Scientology. It was VERY thorough and interesting, especially since I knew next to nothing about the church other than, you know, Tom Cruise and John Travolta belong to it. As someone who was raised without religion for the most part, all faiths seem kind of foreign to me, but this one in particular, with the outer space element, was intriguing. I swear I learn SO much since I joined Audible. Not that it wasn’t fine listening to classic rock while I drove around. But learning WHILE traveling? Bonus!

4. I’ve been saying here for awhile that things are HAPPENING in terms of my upcoming book releases, although I haven’t had much I can share with you just yet. It’s kind of like a plant that is busy growing beneath the dirt, but you just can’t see how hard it’s working until it pops out and shows itself. (Long metaphor, but you get the idea.) Anyway, coming up this week I’ll be doing a ¬†Twitter chat (details to come, super soon!) AND there’s been a redesign for the landing page of Sarah-Land, where you can access ALL my social media links in one convenient place. Personally, I think it’s gorgeous and I don’t even know if I’m supposed to share it yet but I am doing it anyway. If I get in trouble, it will be totally worth it. Also, have already endured a head wound this week, so….

5. Okay, this has been a LONG entry already and it’s freezing here in the preschool fellowship hall. Also, whole head wound thing yesterday has me too tired to be any more creative. So I will just leave you with this gratuitious picture of my dogs:


Sorry. And, you’re welcome.


Have a great weekend, everyone!